Date: 23rd August 2018 at 10:22am
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Felt like a win, is the missing ingredient coming?? by Tim Wykes

Well, that was more like it. If you offered me 65 mins of the best football we’ve played for a long time and an equaliser in the last 11 seconds against Brentford, I would have happily taken it.

Everything was good, we just needed some high-class wingers with better final deliver. That being said, Adomah gave us a lot.

With the signing of El Ghazi yesterday and the hopeful completion of Bolasie today, we will have just that, add to that Abraham to push JK and, up top, we are a very, very, decent team.

It was very noticeable that when Green came on, we were much weaker, he really needs a season away on loan to get confidence and prove to himself that he can play at 100% without getting injured.

Whelan had a brilliant game, and brilliant is becoming the norm for McGinn, he really sets the mood, chasing lost causes deep in the game, aggressive but incisive too, he loves that quick straight pass into the inside channel, the pass we have been calling for, once the strikers learn that, we will get goals from there.

Grealish is the best player in this league by a country mile, he deserves to be in a great team, a team that is capable of blowing the opposition away, if we get the signings we are after, we could be that team.

If we can settle the centre-half position, I think we will be in a strong place. Jedinak was caught out of position a lot yesterday, I would rather have Elphick if I’m honest, at least it is natural for him.

Axel started a bit shaky but got better and better, can he be the CB we need? Maybe, his is just still a little naive, their first goal, was really on him, simple cross that came a long way, Watkins was cute, little shove and step back two yards, he should be wise to that. He will get better though.

A left back would be good too, maybe Hutton could play CB if we got a good LB?

I was very pleased for the keeper yesterday, he grew in confidence, he made some good saves and his kicking was decent. More to come from him.

More of that against Reading please Mr Bruce


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