Date: 27th July 2012 at 5:59pm
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The Feyenoord official site has announced that Villa have now signed Ron Vlaar, medical pending.


Now confirmed by Villa as well:

Their official site says the defender reached agreement with Villa today (Friday 27th) and will go through a medical on Monday.

Rough google translate:

‘It was known to us that after seven years Ron had put his sights on a move abroad, in this case a famous club in the Premier League ‘, says technical director Martin van Geel. ‘Because of the capricious behavior of Aston Villa was generally known that Vlaar a limited compensation in his contract had stood. Now Ron has reached an agreement with Aston Villa, the club has also confirmed that they respond to what we want to come up to ask him. Business wise, we have it so when down. ‘

He also says he will be a huge loss as he was a ‘figurehead` at the club, ‘the captain and a true leader`.

I still say caution until our official site announce it but looks pretty much a done deal.

James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey
Apparently Vlaar really impressed #AVFC in talks with his intelligence, physical stature and desire to make it in the Premier League

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53 Replies to “Feyenoord Announce Villa Signing Of Ron Vlaar”

  • Not keen on the way its been shown in the press recently however he will be given time by me and fingers crossed the rest of the supporters 🙂 good luck to him if this is true.

  • Would like to see it “officially” from AVFC, but if it is a done deal, then finally, welcome Ron, you’ve made a wise choice.

  • According to Vlaar, Villa have apoligized for their “behaviour” these past few weeks. Oh well, don’t mind really. Sometimes, these things take time, especially when abroad shortly after the initial talks took place. Think Feyenoord are doing a PR-thingie for their own fans …

  • Hope Cresswell signs, too. Whenever Dunne is on the pitch there is always the horrible feeling that he’s going to hoof it in the Villa net. His OG record threatens to rival GA11’s ‘goals for’ record.

  • Ha at last. glad its finally done. back from america and a few more signings should do nicely. anybody else think tht zoggy had a shocker in preseason?

  • Nothing to apologise for, maybe Koeman and Van Squeal might want to keep their gobs shut next time, act professionally and not via the press.

  • avfc berlin, I was at the Chicago friendy. Zoggy looked like he was trying to hard. He ofen held the ball one or two touches too many and did not see or chose not to make the pass that made most sense. Not sure why it is happening? Maybe he is trying too hard to impress???

  • Maybe what Vlaar has previously claimed to have said in the press has been badly translated. Maybe it was translated by Vital Villa!! LOL, that is a shocking translation gents. Anyway, perhaps he has messed Feyenoord around to try to get the price down for us. Who knows, maybe we did mess him around. As people have said, it’s very odd that he had a look around our place and then PL said that we were miles away from a settlement etc. Good news though. Bring him in, Lambert isn’t ****ing around and we all know that the team needed some fresh blood. From strength to strength…. UTV

  • Told you. Though it would Monday but gaddung ching. Now for Creswell and a striker.

  • Vlaar sounds a lot like Villa so I guess a song for Ron won’t be too hard. Vlaar….Vlaar…..Vlaar.

  • Holte ender 1969, what about oh ahhh ron vlaar said oh ahhh ron vlaar. Are we allowed to use the Lords song tho. Well pleased with this signing Dutch international and a club captain sounds like a bargain price as well. Well done lambo. UTV

  • Good to get a manager that doesn’t screw around. He sees a player that will benefit the team. Within a few weeks, the player has signed.

  • A second signing by lambo from foreign shores, at long last we have a manager who don’t pay over the odds for British players.

    No messing and players itchin to come, loving being a villa fan again.
    In lambo we trust

  • *Sensible hat on* Still early days yet boys, i’m loving the new found optimism and the new path we seem to be taking is such a refreshing change after the last few years of *****ing money up the wall. Lets hope we’re still all so rosy come December. Had a funny feeling about this Paul Lambert chap though for a while, suits us down to the ground….UTV

  • Stop reading into it so much, this happens with every transfer deal. It’s the media that hipe everything up. As far as I’m concerned Lambert has gone about his business in a great fashion so far and I’m happy with the recent signings with hopefully more to come. He said he wasn’t going to business when on tour and that’s exactly what happened, over Lambert was 100% focused on the team. Very happy with this signing and can’t wait for the season to start. Up The Vlaaar!

  • Good, good, good. I’ve almost forgot the Olympics is on. Too excited for new season to start! Was at the Bird’s Nest last night to watch Arsenal v Man City in Beijing. Can’t wait for Villa to step up to the mat when we face teams like these this season. UTV!

  • Brilliant a manager who knows you dont have to wait till he last day becase people will your astute at picking up bargains.

  • This is fantastic news – just the sort of signing we need at the moment. Can’t wait for the Everton game. Can’t use the Lord’s song so how about: Ron Vlaar Vlaar, whatever will be wll be, he’s Dutch and such quality, Ron Vlaar Vlaar! UTV

  • Ron Vlaar 6th best pasing stats at euro 2012 for players atempting more than 100 passes. 93.4% playing from the back!!!!

  • Sounds just like Collins rich!! You can prove anything with stats though. We want him to defend primarily. He got dropped for their second game!!

  • Vlaar could be a real steal, £3million for an international centre back, plus he was captainfor Feyenoord, i have lways rated Vlaar from when i used to watch the Eredivise a lot, he is a solid defender and will add some spirit and fight into the team i assure you he fears no one, they call him concrete lol

  • Seriously, now that Villa have — allegedly — ‘apologised’, Mr Vlaar can knuckle down and prove that he is as useful a player as he clearly considers himself to be. In purely on-the-pitch football terms a good signing. Hope, there isn’t any more off pitch media aggro, though.

  • This transfer window is such a breath of fresh air, I admit I’ve never been a big fan of Mr Lerner, but even die hards like myself can change their minds, 12 months ago I was almost suicidal, and 12 months on I wouldn’t even mind if we went down!! the difference around Villa Park is sensational, long may it stay that way. well done Mr Lerner well done indeed.

  • If Villa went down then PL would have proved to be a worse manager than — his predecessor — Oliver Hardy. Paul Lambert was a suberb choice. Along with Brendan Rodgers he represents the future of British coaching. Both have experience of continental Europe, Lambert as a player. The lack of a major continental influence at Villa has, arguably, contributed to the clubs decline. MON for al his strengths will never be a great manager because he never seemed to look to the continent for ideas or personel. There have been precious few players at villa in recent memory who have extensive experience of Europe’s major leagues. The signings of two Eredivisie players is significant. They’ll hopefully pass on their experience to the current crop of British/Irish youngsters at the club.

  • Btw, It’s probably pronounced ‘Flaar’ in Dutch. No doubt we still might here ‘His name is V-laar, he plays for Villa, Ron Vlaar, Ron Vlaar’ at Villa Park.

  • * That should be experience of ‘continental’ Europe’s major leagues. The EPL is obviously a major European League, albeit an overrated one.

  • Just what we’re crying out for-a defender who looks like he could pick a fight with a rhino. Sick of these fairies who wont get stuck in. Hopefully Vlaar is next the line of hard nut who’ll run through a wall for Villa. Barson, Evans, Alpay, Mellberg, now Vlaar?

  • how about vlaar, vlaar, he plays at villa park , its ron vlaar, ron vlaar. To the tune used for the overmars song

  • Blimey – even I look as if I could pick a fight with a rhino. We need somebody who could win it … :o)

  • Him and Clark centre halves. I have liked all PL signings thus far and all seem to have been for a reasonable price, makes a change. UTV

  • Not sure I understood the ‘Bars-on’ ref Kool, (‘Bars-on’ – ‘Laursen’?). However, the drinks would probably be on God! Our Paul liked a beer. 😉

  • Sorry, Frank Barson was probably before all our times, I guess I read too many Villa history books and need to get out more!..BobTheBuilder, maybe you should play along side Vlaar at the back if you’ll take on a rhino aswell, we’d never lose!!!

  • I would say that this is yet to be a done deal. He has a history of knee trouble and missed a couple of seasons due to cruciate injuries. The medical is not a formality. It is concerning that at the age of 27 he has only played 126 games in his entire career. It bares a remarkable similarity to the signing of Laursen. Another great defender who came to us with a history of knee problems. When you consider the greatest defender in the history of the club, imho, Paul McGod also had troublesome knees there is a bit of a pattern emerging. He seems a bit of a warrior and looks like he would run through brick walls, so IF the transfer happens lets hope he has a long, succesful and injury free career at VP.

  • 3 players from Feyenoord, not exactly a scouting empire around Europe. Are they our feeder club now or is our scout just a fan and got a season ticket there??

  • For the record, Laursen also joined Villa as 27 year old and had played just 9 games more (135) than Vlaar currently has. I think Lambert is the perfect manager for him as he has an ability to rest players, no matter what their reputation. It will be this management of players that ensures they mantain peak fitness and form. Expect to see several big name players start games on the bench as they are ‘mangaged’ through the season.

  • Yes Bill, not directly though. Vlaar and Karim were born 1 month apart. Not knocking it if they’re decent players but there’s more than 1 foreign club around and it seems small mentality to just nick players from there. They did finish runners up to Ajax in a technically good league but the players are no spring chickens. If PL thinks they will do a job then we’ve got to believe in him…… Apology accepted Voice ;-D

  • Holman was from AZ Alkmaar!….. Is Vlaar in for medical today! really hope we can get some confirmation, also hope lambert is still out there looking for more (Cresswell maybe?), another striker PLEASE!

  • Cheers V444 – if they’re good enough I’m not fussed about the one club thing – especially as Mancini does it to us and Arsenal loads and it works for him 🙂 however I agree totally with last post – Cresswell and a striker please.

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