Date: 18th September 2009 at 10:55am
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Fight, fight, fight…!

According to the Sun – and no doubt the whispers will now run riot throughout the internet… Nigel Hokey-Cokey and Martin O’Neill have been scrapping!

No, seriously!

Vic Holly says in The Sun that there was a ‘heated exchange’ yesterday in training at Bodymoor Heath.

They quote a ‘stunned onlooker’ saying that they even ‘fell to the ground grappling’ at one point. Are you sure this was a fight and not something else?! No, think I’d rather it a fight actually!

Apparently they weren’t throwing punches, just wrestling…. as you do!

They say that NRC hasn’t been happy at the way he has been used since coming from West Ham, sure enough he doesn’t hide his disappointment when he is brought off and looked stunned on the opening day when he was benched in favour of Delph and later remained on the bench with Albrighton favoured above him.

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Shame if this is true, I think NRC is a decent player. These things do happen though, just be interesting now to see how they both react to it (again, if true), you don’t usually cross someone like MON without consequences, just ask Thomas Sorensen who said a few things against the boss and never played for Villa again!

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