Date: 6th November 2006 at 4:52pm
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Martin O’Neill is in fighting mode as he has promised Aston Villa ‘can cause an upset’ in Wednesday’s Carling Cup clash against Chelsea.

O’Neill added: ‘It’s a tough one. Chelsea have a squad to match any competition. They will not take it lightly. It is a tall order, but we are capable and we will be backed by 6,000 supporters and that’s fantastic. I would give us a chance because of the fact that we played very well down there a couple of weeks ago.’

Villa are being backed by a faithful of 6000 with 90 buses leaving Villa in convoy! Coach Travel Info – Click Here


18 Replies to “Fighting Talk From Martin O’Neill”

  • We need to take a big leaf out of Spurs book and get the ball out wide. Chelsea’s strength is through the middle so if we can get the ball to Barry and Gabby as much as possible we could cause them problems.

  • Good to read and hear Martin’s comments. Think positive its the only way. Lets give them a game. We’re more than capable of getting a win down there, and with 6,000 in attendance, lets play our part in making sure that in years to come we’ll all look back

  • Even “In the Event” of a loss, it seems MON takes the possitives out of every match. After the Liverpool game he learnt more about the team than he did during the unbeaten period.
    C’Mon Villa turn them over…..

  • We are more than capable of getting a win down there !!!
    Like f**k we are.
    Not that that means we won’t win, its football, anything can happen, but being capable, not yet a while

  • just watching lee hendrie here 4 stoke on sky,he is absolutely on fire,pure quality performance,so dangerous every time he gets the ball.get him back 4 squad at least,he is far 2 good 4 that league!

  • fantastic win for Tottenham at the weekend which proves that Chelsea are vulnerable at the moment, good luck guys, the more Chelsea falter the more interesting the season will be!

  • it all depends on chelsea, if they want it, they’ll win. we’ll still let them know they’ve been in a game, but its a case of chelsea will lose the match as opposed to villa beating them.

  • This is the first time in almost 4 years in Malaysia that I’m really really pissed that I can’t attend a match. Plenty of screaming at the telly for me then. COME ON THE VILLA!

  • Chelsea’s defence is all messed up at the moment, Terry is suspended, Hilario carries on in goal and boulafool at right/centre back, gabby will run him ragged, if there was ever a good time to play play Chelsea its tomorrow……..angel to score the winne

  • is Terry suspended for our game? Seem to re-call the rules might have been changed so that reds are instant bans, that said, just as much chance that I dreampt it…..which is sad!!

  • my mate said JT was suspended, not 100% though…would be a big plus point for us. Chelsea look so much more shaky at the back without Cech and Terry

  • Go on then chaps, channel all that negative energy into our lads. Chelski this Chelski that, they are a team of men just like any other, and no team is unbeatable, we can win because we could play better on the night, and thats all it takes, not because c

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