Date: 28th August 2009 at 12:41am
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Funny how we got one out so quick after Liverpool, yet it’s now gone midnight. Oh well ‘bitter blow’, ‘desperately disappointed’, what else can he say?

Speaking on the official site once he finally came out of the changing rooms (as unfortunately we didn’t even get a TV interview tonight) he said:

‘We played well and got ourselves in a good position. We were never comfortable, of course, with the possibility of conceding, but we should have had that game out of sight before they scored.

‘At 2-0 we had a number of chances to see off Rapid but it didn’t materialise.’

Nope sadly it didn’t, the team did extremely well considering Heskey was nowhere to be seen…in fact his absense stood out fantastically when Carew stormed the left hand side of the box and was screaming for some backup in the middle. Milner got close but sadly too late, Heskey was still nowhere to be found.

Then of course, as is the theme on the message board from all those Championship Manager fans, why at 2-0 given we rode our luck at 442 didn’t we remove our invisible striker and go 451 properly to give us an extra man in midfield to help protect the defence. It would’ve still allowed us to counter properly, in fact it would’ve given us an extra player in the counter given Monny’s old Leicester friend was admiring the stadium when we attacked.

Oh I give in, doesn’t matter how many times the obvious is pointed out nothing changes.

‘Then you’re open to the possibility of a goal at the other end and that’s exactly what happened.’

See above.

‘I really enjoyed those Villa Park evenings in European competition between September and December. They were great and I was looking forward to having one or two more of those.’

Some of us we’re looking forward to the others, you know December to Mar….sorry February. But I suppose that’s not the quizical thing…reserve team, youth team regardless between September and December in our home ties we drew, won, and lost one a piece. Is this where we should be focusing on the Ajax win again and not Moscow?

‘We will have to go all guns blazing in the Barclays Premier League now and try and stay in the domestic cups. It is a disappointment because Villa fans would have wanted a few trips to Europe this year.’

Focus on the league….who won the bet?

On more important matters and less sarcastic ones, the injury to Curtis Davies is by far the low point of the night if you put everything into perspective.

Monny is not confident after his shoulder popped out again, but then again when you play him through the pain barrier, don’t give him a break, sell his backup in the hope of getting somebody new in eventually, things will go wrong, eventually.

I learnt that from Championship Manager.

‘It’s a concern. His shoulder popped out again. We will see how he is in the morning. That is becoming a growing concern.’

It was a concern last season, it hasn’t suddenly grown. Yet he keeps being played. Just like Luke Young’s foot problem was a concern last season requiring injections, that is now a growing concern as it apparently kept him out of our pre season.

Oh well, we beat Liverpool, shouldn’t we all be happy!

Oh happy, that reminds me:

In other news the club have released a statement following our BOGOF deal and subsequent tactical failure tonight, the statement reads courtesy of the official site:

‘Aston Villa would like to thank all those who attended tonight’s game against Rapid Vienna.

‘As we have not progressed to the Europa League group stages, we will be looking at other ways to reward fans for supporting the team in the second leg clash.

‘The club will issue a communication in the next few days via’

Rest assured, once we know on Vital Villa what that communication is we’ll let you all know and by then my anger and sarcasm will have subsided.