Date: 30th May 2012 at 9:52am
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As reported, or suspected by some press and fans for weeks, things seem to be pointing towards Wigan`s manager Roberto Martinez still for Villa.

A lot seem unsure or against, I must admit, I`d be perfectly happy with that. He`ll take the project, sort us top to bottom and hopefully set us back on the right path. Also, hopefully, as this is about as big a job as he can expect (?) he might have some loyalty and stick at Villa for a while, we need continuity and a decent style of play instilled back into the place.

Some say he hasn`t done anything at Wigan. That is mad. To keep them up is a massive achievement when their best players have to be sold each season. He also helped set Swansea on their way and wouldn`t leave until he thought they were safely moving forward.

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Some say he turned us down last time so sod him. BUT if you actually look at what happened, he had given his word to the Wigan blabbermouth, sorry, I meant Chairman that he would be there last season. Therefore, quite politely I’m sure, he declined the chance to interview for us.

So what?

Seriously, what did he do wrong there?

He gave his word, he kept his word.

Sounds the ideal sort of character if that is right doesn’t it?

Also, with Randy Lerner returning for him, (IF true) then it shows he isn’t petty either. They obviously see something in him, as do Liverpool.

ALL managers are a gamble, you never know until they arrive but if this one happens, I hope the negativity that some have now will be replaced with support (as some of us got slated for doing last season) …

The say that Liverpool are going for Brendan Rodgers and that Roberto Martinez is favourite for the Villa job.

Interestingly (or not!) Rodney Marsh has twittered: I can not believe Martinez has chosen ?#AVFC? over ?#Liverpool?

I can believe it Rodney, we have better training facilities and aren`t based in Liverpool for a start! JOKING! To be fair, both jobs are tough, but if Martinez was asked to work with a director of football and doesn`t want to, then he is within his rights is he not? Villa is a bit of a tough job as well, us fans expect what might now be unrealistic but who knows where we could be in a few years IF the fair play rules start to kick in a little. Still think the league has now been ruined and bought and that is that, but time will tell.

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The report says Eager Lerner hopes to resolve the saga on Wednesday, after being informed by Martinez`s representatives that he will consider the job.

The report does however fall down in accuracy when they say that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer turned down the job. Sorry, he didn`t. He wanted to rule himself out of the running for the job, fine, but he wasn`t offered and I don`t think he was going to be offered the job.

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Poll Date: 19 May 2012
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Not impressed 52%
Yes please, good one 18%
On the fence 17%
Ok, not disappointed not delighted 13%

As I said in another article the other day, when did we get so picky? lol. He`d do a fine job for us if he came. He is young, he has blooded himself in at Swansea in league one taking them to the Championship and then at a tough club to keep moving forward, or even keeping stagnant, Wigan. He is young, ambitious, hungry for success and also, I`m told by the Wigan editor, very good with the fans.

Maybe I`m just a bit easier to please, once announced I support any manager until they prove unworthy, some prove themselves unworthy quickly (Houllier for his Liverpool comments) but most to me deserve a bit of time, respect and support.

Unlike many it seems these days, it is Aston Villa I support, not a particular manager.


REMEMBER… this is still very much press speculation, not fact… It will be fact when we see whoever is named at the press conference.

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