Date: 30th May 2007 at 1:25pm
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Vital Villa asked what you thought of the constant links to Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy.

Seems once again we are split!

49% didn’t want him at Villa saying he was trouble. 41% said they’d like him at Villa as he is a winner.

That left 10% unsure.

Following those rumours, we are now being linked to Australian midfielder Harry Kewell, aka sicknote. Apparently the Liverpool and former Leeds man, is now fully recovered and is to be made available for a nominal fee (eg Liverpool will pay the taxi fair for any club willing to take the risk on the injury prone player).

Reports suggest both Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur are interested. That said, reports suggest Aston Villa and Spurs are interested in every player at the moment!

Our latest poll asks what you think of the latest paper talk link!

Be nice when we get some concrete links instead of this sort of wild speculation. (Bitch mode on) That said, I could always do what others do and just pick a name out of the hat and pretend we are going to sign them. (Bitch mode off)


22 Replies to “First Bellamy, Now Harry Kewell”

  • Are Liverpool paying us to take all their rubbish or something?Why should we degrade ourselvs by taking players that want to stay at Liverpool and pay vast amounts for them?How can MoN even contemplate paying double for Bellamy,I wonder how much their next waste of space will cost 8 mil maybe? and 50 k a week to lie in our sick bay?LIVERPOOL CAN ***** OFF.

  • You’ll take them because thats all your good enough for. Berger and Collymore anyone. *****in hilarious.

  • M’ON, Randy and anyone else at the Villa for that matter have made no comments on ANY player. Papers and agents are joined at the hip to sell papers and keep certain players in the public eye and to drive up the price. That is just how the game is played nowadays. If you read the Generals forum he actually says that people are panicking with no justification. M’ON hasn’t said he is trying to buy Bellamy let alone discussed a fee, nor Kewell for that matter. Any fans naive or childish to make comments on what they see and hear in the press, needs to take a big chill pill. Remember back a few months to when Young was signed. All the press speculated that it was Spuds or West Sham, and Villa just nipped up on the blind side and done the deal. In M’ON and Randy we trust. Don’t panic Mr Mannering.

  • well their not good enough for us mighty reds but i cant help thinkin tha their too good for a small club like a**** cilla

  • Mighty reds? embarrasment to England after their performance in Athens. Although not as bad as your fans who once again have shown their true colours. Prepared to scam their way in without the least F**in care for real LIverpool fans. Could have been another Hillsborough. BUt it seems you couldny give a ***** about that.

  • I think the editor of this site is childish then cause he’s the one that posted the article,Im merely commenting.Liverpool can f,u,c,k. off.

  • ched and artful. Welcome to a popular site. I know that not many people use your site but there is no need to come on here to prove how illiterate you are. Then again day do do dat in livapoool. Calm down calm down.

  • I can’t believe that currently 29% have voted ‘delighted if true’ in the latest site poll !

  • fellow lfc fans – why are you being such a bunch of coc*s?? as a liverpool fan, i actually think bellamy would do really well for you – he is a good player and would link up well with carew. that strike partnership could get you into the top 6, and for that point you can push on … as for kewell, i would not mind if he stayed at liverpool, but more on a pay as you play basis as he is too injury prone. if he signed for you guys and you keep keep him injury free, you would probably have the best left winger in the premisership along with giggs …

  • Hope the kewell rumour is just that a rumour because he is another player that is more intrested in things off the pitch than on it..!

  • I think all these rumours are getting out of control. MON and Randy don’t do the speculation drama. They go in do the deal all hush hush and thats it. I trust the guys to get the right players in for the right price. …..This is a first as Villa fan for a long time i’ve trusted the right players will be brought in. Long may it continue.

    PS Kewell was ace. Now he is just injured. He could be Laursen mate

  • the best rumour i’ve heard this month is the one about the sophie anderton sex tape. go on bossie!!

  • Rumours, rumours, rumours, you’ve got to love ’em cause you sure as hell cant avoid ’em. I’d take Bellamy tomorrow, wouldn’t hesitate, and I wouldn’t say no to a bit of Aussie magic as provided by Harry either. Sweet left foot on him, needs to reintroduce himself to the premiership, bit of hunger there, could be a good move.

  • Could do what Berger did, in the way that he was out for ages until he got his stride back and is now a vital and valued player, and id rather Kewell to Bellamy but id take both for sure. As an Aussie id welcome him for sure

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