Date: 31st July 2006 at 1:43pm
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Forget the Takeover

Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me (or something like that). The point I’m trying to get at is that we have all fallen for this takeover talk before and we should be wise to learn from our mistakes.

The silence at VP tell us something – Ellis is not selling. I back these thoughts up with…

If you want to sell something you already have an idea in mind of how much you want. The fact Ellis has not accepted the Neville bid either means it is not enough (in which case no-one will probably pay much more for what is already an over priced business) or it means he does not want to sell.

The argument of he is waiting for all the bids to come in means either

A. The finance is not in place for the other guys to make a bid (and can take a very long time to sort) or
B. He is playing them off each other to get the most for himself (which will probably lead them all to walk away).

None of these points favourably toward a takeover any time soon.

And even if they do receive another bid – will any of them see it through with Ellis saying ‘you will report to me’.

While we are all waiting for a takeover we are not demanding more investment from Ellis, which is great for him.

My thoughts are now to consider the takeover Saga over and lets concentrate on asking Ellis who is going to be our next manager and what funds are you going to make available to him. The target has to be to put pressure on Ellis to sign 2/3 players to ensure we stay in the league.

Feel free to ram this down my throat when Randy comes and throws Ellis out the top window.

By tylervilla

Patience tyler, I think things could look very much different at the end of the week, I’ve got the champagne being chilled in readiness!


26 Replies to “Forget The Takeover?”

  • Only 30 more shopping days until the transfer window closes for other clubs. It’s already closed at Villa.

  • I’m on lemonade now..I’d be happy to upgrade to Champagne at any time.

    But at this rate, i’ll be on meths by Wednesday. It’s all a bit flat after the highs we were all on last week. Come back Randy!

  • My fingers are numb flicking through the various sites about Villa. I like JP still cling to the notion that Ellis is close to the end of his hold on Villa. That will dissapear if nothing happens by Friday of this week. I suppose secound prise of O’Neill

  • I think this week will see all the manic depressives at Villa hitting the highs again. Lerner will be back in negotiations by the end of the week and AV06 will have made a bid or withdrawn. I’ve already smoked a cigar to celebrate the beginning of the end

  • I agree to some parts, this is a farce the way the sale has been handled. If you want to sell a business/Real estate/art (all of which Aston Villa i believe are) you put it up for sale and it is sold and then you find out the owner is…………….We o

  • i dont get why if the club is up for sale, and rothschilds were appointed to find buyers, why you think he is not going to sell?

  • because it takes the heat off him while we think he is trying to sell. Villa are a desirable club and loads of people would love to own it. But either Ellis doesnt want to, is asking too much or is impossible to deal with at negotitations.

  • This is all pure doug magic. Its all there and it will be coming out soon dougs hollywood magic forget :Dumb and Dumber: this story will be entitled Doug Ellis and his chocolate coated football club. He will make a fortune and do you know what we are all

  • I take it that the comments at the end are from Mr Fear? Is that just wishful thinking or insider knowledge? If it’s insider knowledge then I’m happy to wait until the end of the week without checking the internet every 5 minutes. Might even get some w

  • I bet doug Ellis wont sell because he is proberly thinking that were all saying we want ellis instead of we want Ellis out

  • whats to stop another buyer purchasing 39% of shares which then means they have the majority and then telling Doug to f-off?
    Im sure if a buyer wanted to purchase shares some suppoters would be more than happy to sell up. Does Petchey want to sell aswel

  • Please can we forget the takeover !!! Its getting even more boring than Eastenders now, and just as obvious where the storyline is heading. Peggy (Doug) will get a new bar manager (O’Neill), then Jim Branning (Aitken) wont get on with the new gaffer so h

  • cheshire villan, actually wished I’d not said that, I just can’t see how he can possibly survive much longer, the money men are circling and it is only a matter of time. I’ve got my moet chandon being chilled and a man sized box of hankies as I intend to

  • lol lil_blues_fan. Not seen Eastenders for years but thats the funiest post of the week so far. Ok I know its only Monday…

  • I agree with Mr Fear (who prob has more insider gossip), the sale will surely go through, it is purely a matter of how long Doug makes everyone wait. He won’t go quietly, and the club can still be sold:
    (a) after the season has started
    (b) after the tr

  • I do not class it as insider gossip but I can confirm that at just after 3.30 this afternoon (Monday) there were several, suited men in the club shop at Villa Park. They were American and they were questioning staff on issues involving the store. The ques

  • The fact seems to remain that Ellis really doesn’t want to sell, and if as has recently been the case interested parties have raised their heads above the parrapets, he is trying to impose so many caviats, as to delay, indeed discourage negotiations, so t

  • Let’s hope he ain’t got a parashoot on if he does get chucked out the window. Come on Randy

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