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Forgotten Villa Striker Moves On, I Wish Him The Best But Others Will Want To Know How Much

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Another – not entirely unexpected – transfer by Aston Villa this evening. Birmingham City confirmed a short time ago that they had re-signed striker Scott Hogan from us, but this time on a permanent deal for an undisclosed fee.

28-year-old Hogan came into B6 from Brentford for a reported £9million rising to £12million fee back in the January window of 2017 but it’s more than fair to say the Republic of Ireland international never quite found his feet with us. 32 starting appearances, with 29 showings from the bench didn’t really return any great performances and only 10 goals.

A mix of not playing him right, allied to a loss of form and injury ultimately did for him and it’s a shame all around from where I sit, but despite shining under head coach Dean Smith at Griffin Park, he still wasn’t relied upon and during his time with us he spent mixed loan spells out with Sheffield United and Stoke City before finding his groove again at the laughably named Trillion Trophy Stadium.

Scott Hogan's Move To Villa?

Massive Disappointment

Massive Disappointment

What I Expected Sadly

What I Expected Sadly

It’s a decent move for him to our near neighbours and even though I doubt we could’ve struck a deal topping £5million (the move is undisclosed), it’s still money back in the coffers, it frees up some wages and it shrinks our goalkeeping dominated first team squad.

I have no idea if I’m alone here, but I wish the lad all the best – particularly in light of his very honest interview a few years back about his lack of form and success with us.

We all know some deals just don’t work and this one definitely didn’t. Shake hands and move on.

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  • barry'sboots says:

    Just can’t bring myself to wish him well as he has moved to the Sty. Anywhere else and I would. I hope he shows his post lockdown form and not the Jan/Feb form and that they are relegated next season.

    I’m sure that they would feel similarly if the situation were reversed!

    • R Smith says:

      Considering that you lot think you are so superior, I am amazed that you would concern yourselves with Birmingham’s doings and who signs for them. It shows what petty minds you have and a lack of self confidence, that a truly “big” club wouldn’t show. Pathetic. I’d imagine that only about half your supporters were even born when you last won a trophy. Big club? don’t make me laugh I might never be able to stop.

      • Mike Field says:

        Erm…are you suggesting we shouldn’t be interested in who ‘we’ sell? You do realise you bought him from us don’t you? I agree on one thing, a good % of our fans wouldn’t have been alive the last time we won ‘something’ and that happens when you have more than twice the support…but in saying that as well, I’d imagine a far greater percentage of yours weren’t alive when you were last promoted to the top flight.

        Thank God the loyal Bluenoses in my family have more intelligence than that post.

  • John Watkins says:

    The deal was massive 850K Plus add-ons so we need him to do well. It’s a low Whisk deal for them. I with him all the best and hope he Finds his form because we need money paid back.

  • Brian Taylor says:

    Interested to know the fee paid As a Blues fan I would have gone for new blood but the crazies running the show have already paid out for a crock from WBA who won’t be on the field until November and recruited a Spanish 3rd Division keeper who embarrassed against Cambridge!!

  • Ali Arab says:

    Long list of strikers that have robbed villa over the years. The king was gabby though.

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