Date: 6th January 2019 at 1:29pm
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Oh dear, yet another awful Cup display. Dean Smith was not a happy boy yesterday on the touchline (many will know, I sit right by the bench). He will be under no illusions the size of the job he has now.

(Thanks to the club for rewarding the season ticket holders with a free ticket though, it was a nice gesture that I’ve long argued for in fan consultation meetings and always been met with excuses before now.)

Villan57, as usual, has given us his match ratings in Aston Villa 0-3 Swansea City match thread:

I may as well do my player scores before I completely lose the will to live after that shambles. Probably the first game under Smith we’ve been totally out of. It was that bad I left 5 minutes before the end, and I never do that.

Kalinic: 4 Where do we find them? Took him 2 mins to mess up and be picking the ball out of the net, the other two goals he just lay down for as the ball trickled past him. Looks nice in Orange though. He must be better than this, and I think he will be.

Bree: 4 Well just as you think he’ll shine at right back he puts in a performance like that. Poor.

Elphick: 4 May as well have stayed at Hull if that’s his best.

Hutton: 3 Shocking, couldn’t believe he was playing let alone playing CB, 35 and playing in Cup games when he should be rested.

Taylor: 3 May as well close the academy if he is the best left back on the books.

Whelan: 4 Needed a rest but never got one, why?

McGinn: 7 If only we had 9 more McGinns and one Jack Grealish, Showed them all up for what they are today.

O’Hare: 6 I thought he was doing OK and judging by the boos when he was subbed I was not alone.

Albert:4 Never seen him not put a shift in before, looked injured he was so bad by his standards.

Hogan: 3 could have put us 2-1 up after 3 mins, hardly touched the ball again, needs to go. we were sold a pup by Deano

El Ghazi: 5 Does what he does, he’s brilliant one minute and the next looks awful. Wasn’t the worst player today.


Kodj: 5 Looked better than Hogan but that’s not hard.

Davis: 5 Put himself about, not on long enough, looked to be feeling his groin, hope it’s not his injury returned

Lansbury:6 Looked up for it and must be a better option than Whelan if he can stay fit.

Coach Smith :4

Played a strong team but why Hutton and Whelan, the first game we’ve played under him when we never looked capable of winning or indeed deserved to win. The rest of his games we’ve been in with a shout for the whole 90+ mins

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