Date: 5th June 2009 at 10:54am
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The Mirror have an ‘exclusive’. Basically the reporter, Darren Lewis, has put 2+2 and come up with an obvious link and one that has been talked about before.

The report says Martin O’Neill is facing a ‘crisis’ as he will have to fight to keep Ashley Young with Chelsea believed to be interested. They quote £20million. Errr, try again value wise please?!

The report says the 23-year-old is concerned that Villa were unable to keep hold of Gareth Barry and thinks they might struggle to replace him.

Hasn’t Young not long since signed a new contract? Yup, he has 3 years left. We cannot sell him, simple as that, we just can’t, if we did (we won’t) it would be a massive white flag. Can’t happen. Have I mentioned that we simply can’t sell him yet? Real Madrid are also said to be interested as are other clubs.

The Mirror football spy also claim that O’Neill who is currently in the States on holiday, is after 22-year-old Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone. Boring, seen that link many times now! Might have some substance as Harry Redknapp is looking to make changes at White Hart Lane and according to Sky Sports he also tried to buy Barry but was ‘blown out of the water by Manchester City’.

The Daily Star has a story saying we would like to resurrect David Bentley’s career but only if Spurs take a hit on the £15m fee they paid Blackburn Rovers last summer. The report says MON won’t go over £10million for him. Hmmm, not sure about that, a £5m loss over one season? The report says Redknapp would be happy to offload the 24-year old.

Interestingly the Daily Star know the summer transfer kitty for Villa, they must be on very good terms with Randy Lerner who rarely talks to the press and said recently when he did a few interviews that he wasn’t going to say what the budget was! They say MON has £30million + the £12million from the sale of Barry.

The Star link Villa also with Middlesbrough’s defender David Wheater a link that first surfaced a few weeks ago. They also claim we are after Stewart Downing. Good player for sure but difficult to see any team bidding for him so soon after he has surgery. He is due to be out for 6 months.

The Daily Mirror say that Everton have warned Manchester City that defender Joleon Lescott is not for sale. That might put an end to Villa being linked with the Toffees defender also!


20 Replies to “Fridays Villa Transfer Talk – Young Out?”

  • Nah they keep their players!!!!!!! If a bid come in surely his head will turn!!!! Bet Barry will be gutted!!!! We cannot compete anymore!!! Gutted as ***** if this happens.

  • Everton might just be refusing to deal with Citeh. After all, they are a major rival so why should they?

  • Of course that woudl probably rule us out too but I expect Everton would be more worried about Citeh

  • I think we will become the new Sunderland – remember they tried to buy 3 in 1 deal from Spurs but ended up with Taino and Malbranque but missed out on Kaboul. Watch is throw £30m at them for Bent, Bentley and Huddlestone!!

  • Strange, thats not like ‘Arry to tell the papers that he tried (along with Liverpool) to buy GB this summer. He normally tells them while he’s still trying. If only he could keep his gob shut for a week!!!

  • I will be very ******** angry if this materialises !! We should not be a selling club !

  • Just a thought. How about signing Paul Scholes from United? Would not be a bad player for Barrys position and experience would be great.

  • a newspaper rumour and all this negativity. give me a break we sold a player who wanted to leave and most seem to think the world is coming to an end. ash aint going anywhere.

  • If the 30m+12m transfer budget is true, thats great news.
    And the 20m price tag for Ash is ridiculous.
    I think Bentley and Huddlestone are in their way to Villa Park.

  • I hope we keep hold of Huddlestone…but a 12m deal for Bentley would suit all parties i think

  • Although Ashley Young is our new best player, and although I think he’s a class act, if we were to get a silly offer for him (double the £20m suggested for example), then I think it would be worth cashing in on him. In theory, we could buy a lot of young quality with that money and truly build for the medium-term. Of course, the reality is that if a top 4 club – or a big club from abroad – were to express a serious interest, then Ashley would quite conceivably ask to leave – informally or otherwise. He is more than good enough to play for a top club, and unfortunately, we’re not going to be that this season, or in the forseeable future. I don’t think that’s pessimism but realism.

  • Yes, but the point of building a squad is not to develop players so teams more recently successful can come in for them with silly money that we then use to purchase more development, so they come in again later (a cycle we are trying to escape). The point is to develop some players and add more quality so the team progresses. Selling ashley young is definitely not going to bring success??? Even in the mid term as it means we’re just going to be back at square one. I see you know this Albarnista, but if we can’t hold on to players like ash, we will never escape the cycle… FACT. I have to take a stand (and i think MON + Randy will). 40 million at least (30 wouldn’t give us any advantage). We have to watch that by the time we do start improving again, our current players aren’t bored of not being in the Champions League (like GB was) thus we end up selling them so the cycle continues.

  • when are we likely to hear from our manager gaz baz has bin gone a few days now and still no word i just hope he is busy busy busy setting up deals otherwise i find it quite annoying that he hasnt spoken out over the matter not that i doubt martin oneil but im sure everyone would agree that it would be nice to hear a his views on the matter and intensions for the summer just a little bit of reasurance were not going to take a backwards step

  • jnvillan, I understand what you say, and in theory it’s correct. But the reality is that if we kept Young for this season, we don’t have the money (or the nous) to mount a challenge on the top 4. If Ashley Young is good enough, he will want to play for a club that competes at the top, and we will have to sell. If he’s not good enough, then he’s not going to get us there anyway. Building for the medium-term is what we as a club need to do, and £40m would be more useful to us than Ashley Young. However, there’s only any point in having money if you can spend it intelligently, and there are serious question marks (to put it mildly) over O’Neill’s ability to do that.

  • Hasn’t Young just signed an extention to his contract? If so this would indicate a measure of happiness! The thing is, we can not compete with Chelski, ManU or Citeh in the transfer market. It matters nothing if your a selling club or not. They have a huge finacial clout that will make anyone listen. It’s the alleged £100k a week that motivated GB to move. Not the CL he bleated about. So it just goes to prove Money talks and footballers walk. That is it!!!! GET USED TO IT!!!! because it’s going to happen time and again. We are a great club on the brink of great things, but we have to cut our cloth.

  • It’s really amazing that in just 24hrs after GazBaz packing his bags that Ash has made a decision to leave, told a major newspaper (if you can call the Mirror that) AND have other clubs across EUROPE start sniffing around!

    **COUGH** BALLS! **COUGH**

  • do any of us really believe that ash would say that! I think the sale off barry will be great for us not only do we have an extra 12 mill to play with, but with Barry out of the equation we might try to play a different game, this could be the best thing thats happened to us in decades

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