Date: 16th November 2006 at 12:10pm
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It had to happen, as soon as a few words are uttered by the manager about a player and his future, a link appears for the players exit.

In this case Czech Republic international Milan Baros apparently being linked to AC Milan ‘According to reports in Italy’.

I’ve not seen the reports and to be fair this comes from Fansfc who do tend to use the more outlandish links!

They say that their manager Carlo Ancelotti is looking at making a move of around £6million for the former Liverpool striker who to be fair has never really looked like settling at Aston Villa.

I’m sure if a £6million bid came in we’d snap their hands off and that if the chance to play at the San Siro came along Baros would be off, but……….?


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  • You get the impression that MON doesn’t really like him, which is a shame because he’s a world class player IMO. I think he’ll be gone in January and £6 million would be a fair price

  • just get the feeling if he gets the right sort of supply he’d bang them in but I’m not sure we will play to his strengths, he also doesn’t look totally up for it, although that could just be confidence.

  • I agree with Fear! I think he is a class player but whether he fits into O’Neill’s style of play is something I have not yet been convinced about. Some people are saying he is low on confidence, which is probably true, but sometimes I feel he has no inter

  • I dont think Baros si short of confidence, he just doesnt want to play for us, he’s lazy, ship him out and go for Alan Smith

  • If he does go, I am sure that we can get more than £7 million for him. I think his contract stipulates this?? However despite the ups and downs, the two goals he scored against the dildo sales men from Somali Heath, that effectively sent them down will al

  • He has a release clause of £17 million I think at which point we would HAVE to sell him. Personally I think MON would accept £5mill.

  • His body language shows that he doesn’t want to play for the Villa. If the recent events at Villa and a new motivational manager in MON can’t get him playing like the rest of the squad then he should go and we should invest in someone who wants to put 100

  • We’ve never seen the best of Baros. I fear the problem is we never will see the best of Baros. He just doesn’t seem passionate about Villa. Shame. Sell him on. Buy a more interested forward.

  • If you have £30,000 grand a week burning a hole in your pocket, Milan seems a little more enticing than Broad Street. In football terms having unlimited devotion rolling off the Holte End must be more exciting than having fireworks aimed at your head in t

  • Baros is rapid, he was brilliant when fit last year playing as a main striker. Yes he is a bit of a pre madonna but if were going to sign euro superstars and not just hard working grafters I think we may see some more of that type of arrogance at VP. All

  • Such a move (to the San Siro or similar) is probably what he both wants and needs. Wish he’d prove us all wrong though and start doing the business here at Villa Park, but if his heart isn’t in it, as many suggest, then its just not going to happen.

  • Hey Tyls. How about giving out your phone number? Then if Baros does score, we can give you a call and let you know.

  • Maybe he’s just finished a round with Milan as he does seem to know that Baros is good with the ball around his feet.

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