Date: 16th May 2018 at 2:14pm
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Written by Melon Donkey

There is definitely a general feeling in the football world that Fulham are something special.

They are not.

They are a very good championship side I will admit that. But they didn’t win the league, they didn’t even finish second. They are nothing to be scared of. We have smashed Wolves. We can smash Fulham. Not guaranteed at all but we can. As it’s a Final we probably won’t smash them, it will be tight and cagey but again, we could smash them like we did to the runaway title winners in the second half of that game.

We can, of course, put in a Norwich/QPR performance but I look at the experience in our team for the big occasion game.

Terry, Chester, Hutton, Jedi, Whelan, Albert, Snoddy, Thor.

Players that have been there and done it at major international tournaments, qualifiers, Champions League, Premier League, play-off finals, promotions. Even Super Jack has been there at a cup semi-final and final.

Our manager? Been there, done it.

Fulham, have they got that experience for the occasion?. Honestly, I haven’t looked and don’t know for sure but I guess not. It’s not in the bag, not even close. It will be tight and nervy, but with what we have….

Do you want to bet against us?

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6 Replies to “Fulham Aren’t Something Special. Aston Villa Have Nothing To Be Scared Of.”

  • Villa do have alot of experience but what goes with that is age,the way fulham keep posession and thier quality of passing makes it very hard for the opposition to actually get the ball and if you have not got the ball you cant do a lot.Terry,Adomah,Snodgrass and Whelen and Hutton will not fancy chasing shadows all afternoon.The last quarter of the game should be interesting when villa will be feeling it and we bring on someone like Kamara to run at them

  • Totaly agree, we have the players for the big occasion and we are not bothered about Fulham so bring it on

  • “Fulham, have they got that experience for the occasion?. Honestly, I haven’t looked and don’t know for sure but I guess not.”

    Top research.

  • Just checked the distribution of tickets:
    Villa Season Ticket holder 1 ticket – Fulham Season Ticket holder FIVE tickets
    Villa booking record one ticket – Fulham booking history FIVE tickets
    What does that tell you about the standing of the two clubs? Villa fans desperate to get a ticket. Fulham desperate to get anybody ANYBODY to come and support them.

  • I cannot call the final either way, my honest opinion is that Villa have MUCH better team than Fulham, BUT, Fulham play much better ‘as’ a team! And yes, that makes a hell of a difference! We smashed Wolves, then lost to QPR, Bolton and Norwich with abysmal displays, so it really depends on which Villa shows up on the day! Fulham will be tough as anyone, which I think every Villa fan knows only too well. It’s just a pity that Journo’s like this try to stir up arguments between fans before a big game, even more so given the extreme lack of research done for the article!

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