Date: 20th June 2018 at 7:46am
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The media speculating about the future of Jack Grealish is certainly not new this summer and that speculation will inevitably continue following our failure to gain promotion via the Play-Offs and our current financial issues.

Most reports can be instantly dismissed in fairness owing to the vague and wild speculation that has Jack rated at only £4.5million (because a website says so) all the way up to the kind of figure that would at least make a sale sensible from a financial front – £30-40million.

Other reports should just be dismissed owing to the comical nature and this one falls under that category for me. It comes from ‘football insider’ Dean Jones whose linked with the Bleacher Report and I haven’t a Scooby what the thought process is behind this one.

Having beaten us at Wembley, Fulham are – well the tweet.

Now I can more than see why Fulham would have an interest as I can see why lots of clubs would like Jack full stop. But given the interest from possible destinations that I could see him moving to, Craven Cottage isn’t on that list. It’s not a step up and no real disrespect to Fulham – they were worthy of their victory after the season they had – but Jack can do better.

I don’t appear to be alone in my reaction to the suggestion.

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11 Replies to “Fulham – Now The Press Are Having A Laugh With Speculation”

  • Why would fulham want to sign Grealish anyway?.Where would he play,sorry no room at the inn!
    We have bigger fish to fry elsewhere.

  • If he is too good for Fulham why haven’t any of the so-called big clubs bid for him?

    • Planning is certainly better, no disagreement on that front but class? It’s akin to linking him with Cardiff just because they went up. Seem to have hit a nerve with some others which wasn’t an intention but if Jack moves he’ll be looking for bigger and better. Simple as that, and it applies to us as much as it does to a number of clubs in the Prem next season. Such is life.

      • Bigger is not always better. Just look at Leicester City a club comparable in size to Fulham.
        Plus too many decent English players are bought by the big 6 but end up playing in the reserves or endlessly ploughed out on loan. At least at Fulham he would get game time.
        90% of the speculation isnt worth the paper its written on. Doubt there is any truth to the rumour at all.

        • I’d largely agree with that Ray. Maybe ‘bigger’ was a bad choice of words. Leicester are established, Fulham aren’t. If it’s game time (or England) he doesn’t lose out by staying here for another 12 months. If it’s taking the next step I’d put Leicester above Fulham purely because Fulham’s first aim will be consolidation and the higher risk of ending back at Championship level unless they did get Mitrovic back given how key he was last season. Even a Burnley could offer a European adventure. I didn’t specifically mean a Man U of the world as he does need more games to shine and you point out the English risk at top 6 clubs as they stockpile purely so nobody else has them.

  • Peter is right. It is not the size of the club. It’s the class of club. Fulham are a classy club. Voted number 1 stadium in the UK to visit this year. I’m not a Fulham supporter but Craven Cottage is my favourite place to watch football.

  • It doesn’t sound like he really wants to leave, so if he does he’d prefer to go somewhere he might win medals. I’ll be surprised if he joins Fulham, but if they stump up more cash than anyone else maybe he will.

  • Fulham are the no. 1 stadium because (a) its easy to get seats as you have a neutral area; (b) there are nice restaurants around; and (c) the home fans are so non-threatening and quite that the away fans have the whole space to themselves. I like going to Fulham as well. You are not a better club than Villa – you happen to be in the EPL at the minute but lets see how long that lasts. Clearly, we are in a mess financially but we are still a significant football club with a history and fan base few can match and a youth set up/catchment that is up there with the Big Boys. Our challenge is to find an owner that understands the business of football and to get a manager that is not stuck in the 80’s! And if there is any Fulham fan that thinks that Jack wouldn’t walk in to their side, then they have a very blinkered view of football!

  • Blinkered is a great word to describe your delusional post Baz. Fulham has a great youth set up, having had players such as Patrick Roberts, Moussa Dembele and Ryan Sessegnon coming through the system in the recent past. Equally Fulham have plenty of history, being the oldest club in London and having had players such as Moore, Best and Cohen gracing the pitch at the Cottage. More recently I have been lucky enough to see the likes of Saha, Van der Sar, Montella and Bernatov pull on the white shirt. However I can understand your frustration having experienced relegation myself. It must be doubly frustrating given what the club is going through. Villa is a club in financial turmoil and as such will have to accept whatever bids you receive for players in the summer ahead, not to mention the sale of property etc etc. The big clubs haven’t bid for Grealish yet as they are waiting for someone else to make the first move. Then they can make a similar bid and get him on the cheap. Like a ‘closing down’ sale. So I may have agreed a year ago, but similar to the likes of Sunderland or Blackburn you are no longer a ‘significant club’ I’m afraid but I wish you the best of luck for the future.

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