Date: 10th October 2005 at 8:32pm
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If I had wanted a laugh, I’d have gone to see a comedian. I hadn’t realised I spent my money to see a troop of performing clowns. As Catherine Tate may say, ‘how very dare you’.

IF DOL had any grace, backbone or decency, he would be handing in his resignation after yet another pathetic performance. He just stands there like a mannequin dummy, although to be fair at least mannequin dummies have a use? Man management, DIRE. Motivation, DIRE. Ability to make changes when the chips are down. DIRE. Overall. DIRE. He doesn’t have it. He has proved the success at Leeds was from the base that George Graham built, here – with no help and little finance, he is simply out of his depth. At least JG and GT were ‘Villa people’. There is no way our squad, small and honest as it might be, should play that badly, no way on earth. Wonder what the excuse will be this week? Certainly can’t be the managers fault, he has the crowds flocking back to see ‘football played like it should be, attacking and flowing’ (sic). Maybe the pitch was again too hard, or was the water in the showers a little bit too tepid? Maybe it was the fickle fans again? Or did the heroes of 1982 put our poor lambs off? Maybe it was the top totty with the match presenter who turned their heads – lets face it, she turned my head so fast my neck is now in a brace, I never realised skirts could be that short!

And the team? Gutless, without direction, without leadership, without much of a clue today. Milner was outstanding – although, having run up and down the pitch all game to make up for the rest of the ‘I don’t care less’ players, he did fade towards the end. Jeez, think about it, the one player who tried to make a real difference and he isn’t even ours?!

Angel didn’t do much to impress BUT again, the service is diabolical, do they not work on crosses, corners, free kicks and through balls in training? Do they even do any training these days? Moore tried his best, looks like he is starting to relax into being a Premiership player, he took his chance very well and was causing the Boro players all sorts of problems when he was able to get the ball, he is a great prospect.

Lets not kid ourselves, Boro were a very very average team, it wasn’t as if they ran the game, it was just like a practice match, over paid prima donnas just strolling around the park without a care in the world. Our players will be back in the night clubs, buying flash diamond earrings and spending their days looking at new cars no doubt, meanwhile the fans – or should that be fickle fans? – who pay their wages will suffer. If I was one of the players, my weekly wage would be going to a charity as way of an apology. Can’t see that happening some how can you?!

Make no mistake, following on from our worst start in a Premiership season, we are facing a relegation battle this year. Maybe Baros and Phillips when fit will be enough to pull us away from that, but lets not start contemplating Europe after being outplayed by too many average teams so far. This is dire and something needs to be done quickly. A managerial change whilst Ellis is still here? No thanks. A clean sweep throughout the club? Yes please.

Thousands left early today, including Ellis apparently. Wonder how many they will attract v Wigan? Still, nice easy local derby away from home next, I’m sure our players will spend the next few weeks telling us all how they are going to make amends by getting a result, how they do care, how they will be up for it? It is no good talking a good game, you have to play a good game and preferably for the full 90 minutes.

I told DOL today that we needed a scoreboard, because the players didn’t look like they realised, at any time – apart from the first ten minutes of the second half – that we were losing. In fact I went on a full force Fear rant. If he couldn’t show any passion then the fans had to and he had plenty of heckles today. Someone asked him ‘have you a plan B O’leary’. I answered ‘he doesn’t have a plan A’. Another said ‘do they know they are losing, quick O’Leary – EMERGENCY. And he just stood their, eyes looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Only time he said anything was when the ref made a bad decision, and DOL even got that wrong, the decision was fine.

It isn’t worth me rating that performance, suffice to say there was no communication and Ridgwell/Bouma proved that perfectly when they both left the ball for each other allowing a Boro player to take it off them. Millner and Moore put in the effort, Barry and Davis at least put some running in, but there was very little of note from any of them. This was an embarrassing performance and with the Holte End booing and singing ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ I’m not totally sure where they can go from here. Down maybe? Lets hope and pray not.

You also have to ask why we bought Jumper Jumper? What was the point if he – much like Berson – doesn’t get a look in.

Maybe one of the rumoured consortiums are actually going to make a move now. Rumours suggest things might be happening, lets hope they do before this club sinks any lower.

Lovely to see some of the team of 82 parade THE Cup around, I noticed Ellis wasn’t in his seat clapping them. Hmmmm.

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