Date: 13th April 2009 at 1:16pm
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Looks like Gabby Agbonlahor, who according to Martin O’Neill got off his sick bed (he had a virus all week ) to play could be out for a while after picking up a hamstring injury in the 3-3 thriller against Everton.

Gabby told the press:

‘There is something wrong with my hamstring. I don’t know what it is. We’ll have to wait and see the results of a scan. I got the ball and pulled up and came off as a precaution. I don’t know how long I’ll be out for. It felt pretty sore during the game, but I came off when I did because I didn’t want to make it worse.’

Meanwhile MON explained that Gabby had been sick but that is the thing with the players at Villa, they just want to play.

Adding ‘When Gabby came off, his hamstring was sore. Everything was wrong with him in terms of not being physically fit for the game but he still did great. That is the kind of character he is.’

Is it right to play someone who wasn’t well though? Seems a decent way to risk the player further surely?


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  • “Everything was wrong with him in terms of not being physically fit for the game” – so who picked him in the starting XI? I miss the wacky world of Martin “It wasn’t me” O’Neill at times.

  • CowesBhoy, stop being so sensible and pointing out logic, you should be well aware that this has nothing to do with MON’s version of football

  • In the old days it didn’t matter if you were injured cos they had short tight shorts and they made it OK to be injured cos they held the injury in check. And you could drink 20 pints the night before a game. Now, because of HD TV people can see everything, thats why they don’t wear short tight shorts any more. Could you imagine short tight shorts and the groin area in HD? A disaster! MON needs to learn that with all the advances in common sense we can see through the funny stories they tell.

  • he was sick and wanted to play. what is wrong with playing him. A virus and a hamstring are not really related injuries. i want players like that at the club. MON didnt really have to many other options up front as he seems to have gone away from the 4-5-1/4-3-3. silver lining is this should give young del a few run outs

  • to be fair you are usually told not to train or play sport when you’ve got a virus. The general rule is if it is anything above the neck (ie sniffles, cold etc) then you can do light training (whatever the training is) and if it is below the neck, ie virus, chest infections etc you rest up. To play ill does risk further injury and problems. Not saying this is the case on this one, they have a full and qualified medical team to assess all these things but it does seem a strange thing to say, that he wasn’t well and was allowed to play anyway.

  • Trust us to turn this into a question on mon’s ability to manage our players. To be honest, if I’d heard Gabby had a cold and said that because of it he didn’t want to play the game against Everton I’d be *****ed off. Yes it probably isn’t going to be great for him, but it’s nothing major is it? We moan about footballers being pussies most of the time, but now we’re all *****ed off, it’s mon’s fault for not wrapping Gabby up in baby wipes and rubbing him all over.

  • I’m sure Gabby now has plenty of baby wipes to wrap himself up in without MON helping him.

  • Well said PTP. It’s often the way, Villa fans want their cake and eat it too. Want the players to sweat blood for the team but blame MON for playing hem less than 100% fit.

    We obviously don’t want to go back to the days of cortisone injections enabling them to play with serious injuries, but a cold is or shoudln’t be completely debilitating, a paracetamol can take away the symptoms, for fecks sake.

  • All we are doing is discussing the managers comments, it is a good thing that players want to play, for the money they are paid NOT TO MENTION the hero worshipping they get from fans, they should want to play – it is an honour to get on the pitch in the claret and blue shirt. You can’t have a go at fellow fans for talking about a comment this strong from MON though: “Everything was wrong with him in terms of not being physically fit for the game ” That is a very strong thing to say, sorry for quoting the manager though, I’ll think twice next time… :o)

  • It seems that Gabby (along with Ashley Young) has been shortlisted for young player of the year. Not bad for a player that the fickle have jeered this year. Thank god then we didn’t have any of the young players that haven’t been nominated, or some fans would have them swinging from the gallows. Personally I think if he wants to do his best for the team that is good enough for me. How long since we have been able to say the top scoring English man in the league, is a Villa fan from Erdington? He scores against the biggest names and in his short career has already scored against Manure, Chelski, The Arse, Murderpool, Bluescouse to name a few. I remember last season him clearing off the line at Sty Andrews then going up the other end and heading the winner(just to prove he does it against the small clubs aswell as the big ones). Capello thinks he is good enough for England, but still some fans are never satisfied. The player, the man, may not be every bodys cup of tea. But he is one of us. He has gone the extra mile. He has had to play up front on his own (I actually think he gives more to the team in this role), he has partnered Heskey and Carew and he never shys away. Well done Gabby. You have improved again this year and I for one think we will see even more from him next season as hopes to get on the plane to South Africa.

  • The man was praising the players’ attitude and character for God’s sake!!!! I hate to say it Mr. Fear but you are slowly starting to sound like you really do actually enjoy a good moan. “Quoting the manager” is very different from quoting him then putting your own spin on the comments – I thought this was the job of the gutter press??? Anyone can take a comment, put it into an article, and slant it in the direction they want to get a reaction… and this is the precise reason why our owner refuses to do media conferences. Unfortunately MON has no choice….. We are in a better position now than at any other time since 1983 (yes I include the BFR era which was never going to have any sustainability due to his propensity to buy older players). We have more England internationals than ever before, and Villa Park is virtually full every week. I’ve been a professional coach now for almost 20 years and I don’t question managers’ (of any club) decisions anywhere near as much….. but it’s OK, lets just keep whining, twisting words and questioning – we can force out the one manager that virtually every club in the country would kill to have at the helm – then we’ll keep up the three year cycle that has served us so well since 1983. If I were O’Neill I’d be telling the moaners to shut up as well.

  • True, I can see tha gm but a great many fans can’t see that a player is doing their best whilst not fit but playing anyway. We had the same with Jlloyd who played injured because there was no one else at the time, many fans didn’t realise and he got slated for not playing to his abilities. Not sure I put spin on things, the site is about opinions, comments and posts from all users including myself.

  • you really do seem to despise the fans voiceoftheholte..!?!?! You have to remember it was a minority cheering/jeering and my interpretation (not that I did it so I don’t really care) is the cheers were aimed at the manager for making a much needed change.

  • just re-read the article GM. I don’t moan at all. I ask a question at the end. I explain that Gabby played after coming off his sick bed, which is a good sign that he wants to play and quote the manager who explains the situation re: his hamstring. I can’t see any major controversy in any of that. My main moan this season has been about one issue and one issue only, the rest I’ve basically just enjoyed the ride and the fact that I am positive the club is now in the right hands and is moving forward. The great thing about all this now is we are all back to doing what fans do best, talking, moaning, debating, agreeing and disagreeing about the players, manager, tactics, substitutions … ie FOOTBALL not politics. Long may it continue I say.

  • I cant see a cold, or even a virus, causing a hamstring tweek myself, sorry…he played up front alone in the 4-5-1 for ages while carrying a virus

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