Date: 26th February 2010 at 4:33pm
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Forum member He’sBiggerThanMe&You said of Gabby Agbonlahor:

‘I haven’t seen it mentioned much but yesterday Gabby once again improved his goal tally from the previous campaign by getting his 14th goal of the season, that’s four years on the spin that his record has improved, it’s amazing how he’s developed over the past few years, from a kid who’d been stuck in Luke Moore’s shadow for much of his time in the youth set up, who failed to impress on two separate occasions whilst out on loan and deemed a ‘speedster with no football brain’ by many of his own fans, to the fearsome lad we see leading our attack today, his confidence personified by his knack of scoring on the biggest occasions i.e against the top four and in derbies.

gabby back

Over the years he’s had stick, even today you’ll hear people say ‘he’s no good at one on ones’ which i believe is harsh, this year he’s scored two (one vs Pompey at home & one vs Blackburn away) and has scored many over the years i.e against Watford, Everton, Liverpool etc, no doubt he’s missed a few but i don’t believe it’s anything to worry about.

gabby run with ball

It’s a testament to the hard work he’s put in on the training ground that he now finds himself two goals away having the best goal tally in a single season since Juan Pablo Angel in 2004, despite calls for Mon to sign a more proven premiership goalscorer such as Darren Bent or Jermain Defoe Mon has stuck by Gabby and it looks like that faith is bearing fruit, so how many more goals can he get with a minimum of 14 games left this season? if he has a good finish then one would hope he could get close to the 20 goal mark, it’s probably asking a lot but whatever the case Gabby has proved this season that it’s well within his capabilities to reach those heights sooner rather than later.’

Gabby fists clenched

So lets have a look shall we?!?

Gabby’s Record:

2009/10 season (so far):

League 26 appearances, 11 goals
FA Cup 1 appearance, 1 goal
League Cup 5 appearances, 2 goals

You can add 3 to the League Cup tally after a hattrick this weekend ?!?


League 35 appearances, 12 goals
FA Cup 2 appearances, 0 goals
League Cup 1 sub appearance, 0 goals


League 37 appearances, 11 goals
FA Cup 1 apperance, 0 goals
League Cup 2 appearanaces, 0 goals


League 37 appearances, 9 goals
FA Cup 1 appearance, 0 goals
League Cup 3 appearances, 1 goals


League 3 appearances (6 sub) 1 goal

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