Date: 8th March 2007 at 10:32am
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The jet-heeled youngster Gabby Agbonlahor has been forced into making his international career choice earlier than I’m sure he’d expect, after Nigeria boss Berti Vogts has named him in the squad for the Africa Nations Cup.

Agbonlahor has played for the England U-21’s and has previously stated his determination to break into the full squad, but due to the new rules (the same rules that Jlloyd Samuel tried to use for the World Cup) he may choose the Super Eagles. When linked with the call-up way way back in September he said ‘I could play for Nigeria because of my dad, but I could also play for England and I’ve always wanted to play for England seniors. But I wouldn’t completely rule out Nigeria in the long term.’


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  • dont do it gabby, in a few years villa will be the one of the first stops for the then england manager when it comes to picking the team, the nucleus of which will be a sea of claret and blue players!

  • We don’t want to lose Gabby mid-season when an international call beckons or when the African Nations Cup is on. Still another 3.5 years to the next World Cup and he’s still a young lad. Concentrate on the U21s and see where you are in the next coupe of years…. England’s No. 10!!

  • Mr Vogts appears to be trying to force Gabby into a decision early on. Its flattering for Gabby, naturally, but i hope he doesn’t feel pressured into making a choice he later regrets.

  • It’s going to damage his career if he chooses them. Every time he needs a few days off to play for Nigeria during the regular season he’ll have to fight his way back into the team. DON’T DO IT GABBY!!!!

  • you’re having a laugh, if you think he is going to get in the england side, dream on, lol.

  • Nice to see more well rounded Spuds fans, infesting our site with insightful and well rounded arguments. No reason why Gabby wouldn’t get in an England squad in the future. I suggest ScottDaYid, you take a look at Gabby’s youth & reserve team scoring records as well as the fact that he has played most of our games this season, to understand why he will have the ability to play for England one day.

  • When a manager like Ferguson rates him even thick spuds fans have to take note. There is a chance the lad make make the grade. Perhaps he won;t but where’s there a chance he should consider it carefully. BodyButter makes an excellent point. Competition for places will be good next year and MON will leave the man doing well in the team. Gabby doesn’t need to rush.. simple as!

  • dear yids, i stopped blogging on this site as it was *****ing me off that every single villa topic that came on here you feel you have to have your pennies worth. can i ask, do you invade man u, chelsea and, the best team in london, arsenal’s sites? it would seem you have an inferiority complex because you know you are ***** compared to the big 4, which is why you turn up like a school bully trying to push us around. credit where its due, you are a better team at the moment. however, i think your need to say your peice is affecting your ability to recognise footballing talent. if gabby were a yid then you’ld be licking his butt with the same enthusiasm that martin jol shows in a cake shop. gabby is class and your not as good as you think you are. your also *****ed when jol takes over at chelsea. wait a couple of seasons when villa are a superior team and we’ll be over to rub your noses in it.

  • Having been born in Nigeria there is only one choice Gabby …. ENGLAND… and as for never playing for England…. grow up spurzz fans didn’t Gary Stevens get capped for England as some how did Andy Sinton FFS not to say Michael foul a minute Dawson.., Danny Who Murphy shall I go on oh and don’t get me started on the current goalkeeper and I thought I was fat ……

  • He should go and play for Nigeria, the England team is full of Yid dross like Jenas who only get in ‘cos they play for Spurs, and sadly the England team is picked on fashion and not ability.

  • got to be england – make us proud and break into the full squad! And think of the extra cash (through commercial deals) you will get being an england player rather than nigeria. Think long term gabby!

  • He could play for Scotland too – his mum’s Scottish. That way he would not have to miss loads of Villa games to jet off half way round the world for a home game or Africa Cup and he would potentially also have a great chance of making the first team – come on Gabby you know it makes sense (just to be provacative to all you Ingerlund fans). Playing for England, Scotland or Brazil for that matter is not the height of ambition – he’s already achieved more by playing for Villa. Now win something at VIlla should be the real ambition!

  • Just because he can, it doesn’t mean he will. I had a chat with him a couple of weeks ago on the ***** in the Arcadian centre, and to me he seems quite down to earth and level headed, he’s not Kieran Dyer Bling merchant. I would put money on him hanging on for England to come calling.

  • Realisatically I cant see Gabby ever pulling on an England shirt, although I fully accept that time is on his side should he be prepared to sit on the fence for a couple of seasons or so. Will he be a Villa regular twelve months down the road? Unless he greatly improves his all round overall game, I think not.

  • When does he have to make a definite decision on this predicament? Surely they cant keep naming in him in Nigerian and England under 21 squads?

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