Date: 9th September 2009 at 4:50pm
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As many of us suspected given Gabby’s new ‘more rotund’ shape this season, he did spend the summer in the gym because he wants to add more to his game than pace.

Very good article on the official site over Gabby’s desire to bulk up so he wasn’t just reliant on his pace for this coming campaign if the truth be told.

Yes it’s nothing most of us hadn’t realised once we saw him return, it was obvious he’d bulked up and been working out but now we have it confirmed and it was for a very good reason to!

Fair play Gabby, alot of players will leave for the summer break, do the bare minimum training wise but very few you would presume make a concerted effort to improve themselves like Mr Agbonlahor has done.

The whole idea is, Gabby is fed up of being bullied by the likes of John Terry and Rio Ferdinand. He’s got bored ending up on his backside when he has a physical challenge on the pitch, so he’s decided to give some back.

‘I did a lot of work during the holidays. I was doing a fair bit of weight training to improve my physique.

‘I just don’t want to get bullied up front and I don’t want to get easily pushed off the ball by these experienced defenders.’

He says seeing the likes of Carew of Heskey being physically able to keep control of a ball in a tussle was something he desperately wanted to do – especially as many would admit Gabby has looked at his best in a 451, but the training was planned to give him the best of both worlds.

Bulk up, without actually losing his pace.

‘It’s obviously important I don’t lose my speed in the process – it’s a balancing act but I think I’ve got it spot on, so I’m happy.

‘The gaffer wants me to stop now because he doesn’t want me to lose that speed up front.’

So welcome to Gabby Mk2 – pace and strength. It certainly worked against Liverpool, less so against Fulham but we still won, let’s hope we have more Liverpool’s as the months progress.

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