Date: 15th September 2009 at 12:48pm
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News just in…new signing doesn’t speak about fantastic communication! James Collins has instead decided to praise Gabby for securing all 3 points in our away day derby win.

It’s a subtle change of tact for the interviews of late, hopefully we’ve seen the last of the communication pieces cause I tell you, it was taking every ounce of strength I had to avoid replicating one media outlet and using the phrase ‘it’s good to talk’.

I’m not very original at the best of times but headlines like that are irresistible to a simpleton like me.

Anyhoo, (my word of the week, no prizes if you spot where I use it next) Collins has praised Gabby for his winning header in the derby against Blues, describing it as a far harder finish than it looked.

During the game, although we had enough chances to take the lead, our final ball was far from the quality you would expect from our forward line. Even James Milner today has admitted his passing was atrocious and that he couldn’t believe he wasted the chances he had during the match, but overall Blues pretty much had our making.

They were sitting deep the best they could and our main outlet of counter attack and/or set pieces, were no where near as productive as usual.

Collins puts this rather succinctly himself:

‘We had a few short freekicks which we tried to play short which really didn’t come off.’

Almost as many short’s there as I had homegrown’s in a previous article.

Anyhoo, Monny as we know made a calculated risk, he removed Hokey-Cokey and weakened our midfield but brought on the Hulk to give us a bit more bite upfront.

A bold move to make in the final stages of a derby, especially when you are for all intents and purposes in control of the game.

It worked though.

‘Then big John came on and he did fantastically well to win that header in the box. But there’s still a lot of work for Gabby to do.

‘It was a great header because he had to put all his own pace on the ball.’

Collins admits that once the ‘super finish’ went in from Gabby he was ‘quietly confident’ of holding onto all 3 points.

Blues had a few chances themselves, but in the grand scheme of things we were rarely troubled.

‘We were always quietly confident of holding out. They had a few balls bouncing around in the box but we managed to clear everything.’

Richard Dunne has also commented ‘somewhere’ today but I’m buggered if I can find it again now that between him, Carlos and Collins they were grabbing most everything out of the air which was the most direct route through for Blues and better still second balls were being wrapped up by the midfield.

Once we had that goal cushion, it was unlikely Blues would muster enough to draw level – that didn’t stop them trying however but our new fangled defence had everything under control.

That’s stage one for me really, they’ve proven they can head aswell as Martin Laursen.

Stage two will come against Pompey and slightly more mobile forwards.

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