Date: 11th March 2016 at 4:06pm
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Manager Remi Garde has said a balanced mood is key as Villa try and dig themselves out of a £1.25million (and then some with other issues) hole.

I know I’m daft, but I think three points might be more important.

Anyway, bottom of the table, without a win in four and only nine games left – he can’t keep talking about belief, pride, effort and if he started talking about his music collection the media might think he’s gone a bit batty.

He’d be in good company to be fair, us lot lost the marbles a long time ago with this joke that purports to be a football club.

We’re not even ‘prepared’ enough any more to take single steps forward, we’re in full on moonwalk mode now.

Anyway back to Garde and his belief that a balanced mental outlook on things, and not getting carried away with knocks can only be a bonus in the final run in – he explained.

‘I love football. In life and in your football career, it’s not only about good moments. I have had some very good moments. In that time I knew that probably I would have more difficult moments. I try to stay the same. Sometimes in football you have good results but you know the next season or two seasons later you can be in a completely different situation. I had the same behaviour when I was more successful that I was now. It’s all about keeping the faith and staying balanced – not to be too much disturbed by criticism or praise. This is the way I am.’

Garde did of course use the Leicester example once more as a motivation for how things in football can turn.

‘If you look at Leicester’s case last season, they started a run of seven wins, one draw and one defeat. So why not? Why couldn’t we do that? Yes we have just shown poor football at times in previous games. But in football you never know how things can go. I still strongly believe we can win many games before the end of the season.’

Now I like Garde, but that doesn’t mean I’m convinced he’s the right man for the club or the type of manager that can succeed with the ambitions Villa ‘should’ hold.

And I appreciate if he thought a Witch’s broomstick could be deemed a positive he’d grab onto it and ride the life out of it in a effort to improve confidence as well – but can we please drop the Leicester guff.

There are no similarities other than roughly on a world map if you put your finger down on what you thought might be Villa Park, you’d also have picked out the King Power.

They battled and fought and cared and ran and battled and fought and cared all season long.

If we had 10% of their effort we’d never be in this position.

We don’t have 10% of their effort so we haven’t got a sensible boardroom’s chance of going on the run they went on at the end of last season and we are completely world’s apart from having an owner with a finger on the pulse capable of doing what they’ve done this year even if we managed to survive.

If you look at Leicester Remi, you’d have answered your own question.

I’m off for a digestive.

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