Date: 14th February 2007 at 4:45pm
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Actim have confirmed what most Villa fans know, Gareth Barry is a top quality player as he makes number four in the Actim player rankings top 100 for 2006/07.

Actim Player Rankings 2006/07 – Top 100

1 Didier Drogba Chelsea 493
2 Frank Lampard Chelsea 473
3 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 466
4 Gareth Barry Aston Villa 441
5 Wayne Rooney Manchester United 417
6 Steve Finnan Liverpool 406
7 El-Hadji Diouf Bolton Wanderers 395
8 Mikel Arteta Everton 392
9 Gary Neville Manchester United 385
10 Rio Ferdinand Manchester United 383

Sent in by Michael Bakewell.

Steve McClaren, can you see Phillip Neville anywhere in the top ten? Can you see a Villa player recently put in your squad at Number 4?

You are on £2.5million a year, put two and two together and you might know what to do next match.


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  • To be totally honest here, all this “Barry for England” stuff is all well and good, and very loyal, etc, etc. But how many players have ever established themselves as regular England players at his age in the last 10 years? Any? And keepers don’t count!

  • it isn’t the not establishing himself that is the problem, it is a quality left sided player not getting a chance to establish himself when we are screaming out for quality in that area that gets to me!

  • I firmly believe the next England manager to be successful with the current crop of players has to do two things and two things only:

    1. Have the balls to pick a left midfielder in every squad i.e. Barry, and have the balls to keep playing him there.

    2. Drop Fatty Lampard and put Gerrard, who is a far supierior player technically than Lamps will ever be, in with a proper holding player – take a bow Owen Hargreaves, Ledley King, or Parker.

    Maybe that is three things looking at it, but who cares, answer these questions McClaren and I think you will get the support you need, from fans and media alike. I can see along with the other 60 million english fans out there what needs to be done, why cant you?

  • Fear – what I’m saying is that I can’t see a player who turns 26 in a few days and isn’t established (though that’s not his fault) ever being given the chance to become established. In the past 10 years, players are regulars by the age of 23 or not at all and I can’t see that changing.

  • McClaren could not see Barrys tallent if it landed on his head, all the time he keeps putting his blind faith in players he was involved with as a coach at Manyoo or poor manager at Villaboro decent players like Barry just as well hang their ar5es out of woolworths window.

  • I can’t believe that Sorensen is recieving more votes that Rimmer! What kind has neandathals are voting?

  • Put Micah Richards at left back and Barry at left Mid and the the left side is sorted. Gerrard in the middle with Hargreaves and Lennon on the right and cloe at right back. Bent and Rooney up front and terry and ferdinand at the back. Drop Robinson as he is very sus at the mo

  • Steve64k – “spot-on” with both of comments. But we’ll never see it under McClaren – Big Sam’s the only one out there, except for MON that would have the “b*lls” to start with Lampard and Joe Cole as subs. and Barry at left-midfield.

  • Steve64k- Jimmy Rimmer got Villa to the european cup final only to come off after a few minutes. During that run and indeed season, he never once flapped at a cross or let the ball slip under his body or through his hands. JR was a1, TS is ok most of the time but not in the same bracket. Perhaps it is the younger ones voting for TS. UTV.

  • Although not quite on this topic (others started it!) I have to agree with the Jimmy Rimmer thing. Far, far, far superior to TS. All the younger ones out there: take my word for it and vote for him!!! (I do have a soft spot for Cumbes though as he was keeper when I was really little – he could kick the ball further than anyone else I’ve seen, although accuracy was questionable 🙂 Wasn’t he a top cricketer with Worcestershire as well?) Aah, whatever happened to John Robson?

  • Er…. Jimmy Rimmer was by far the best Villa keeper in the last 30 years and unfortunately if you’re not old enough to agree with this then you should get yourselves down to the club shop and invest in some of the DVD’s of yester-year. On a more up to date theme – how short sighted is McClaren in sending all the current England players a DVD of the game against Spain to say how **** they played. Shouldn’t it be more along the lines of “Sorry lads, I f88ked it up and should never have got this job in the first place! Here is a momento of mt last game in charge”

  • Coombs played cricket for Warwickshire, Robson died from MS (Fantastic full back by the way. From memory I think Saunders signed him from Derby and Mortimer from Coventry at the same time) Jimmy Rimmer could have been the regular England goalie acept for a certain Peter Shilton (who in my opinion has to be the all time best goal keeper. What has happenned to England famous production line of great goal keepers?).

    Can’t understand Maclaren’s attitude though. His popularity is so low at the mo that what arm could it do to drop Lampard and put Barry on the left side of Mid and play Richards at left back? It’s a no brainer.

  • You’re right about Jimmy Rimmer and his lack of England caps – there was some pretty stiff competition around at the time: Shilton, Clemence, and Joe Corraghan (no idea how to spell his name, but played for Man City I think). All four were far better than anybody we have in this country today.

  • I hope Barry never plays left back for england again, because if he does he will never get a look in again. He is a crap left back,and a great left mid, i would rather barry than joe cole any day.

  • Hope Steve McClown has taken notice, but sadly I somehow doubt it very much. Is Kieran Richardson his love child?

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