Date: 1st April 2009 at 1:54pm
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Gareth Barry has told The Birmingham Mail he is glad to see the club taking the right direction now it has new owners and says some of the results this season has reflected what is going on off the pitch.

Adding, ‘I’ve been here 12 years and I think we all realise that something can be achieved here. It could be the best since I have been here.’

He also calls for the Villa Park crowd to back the team after recent frustrations at the home form have led to some booing from a section of the crowd.

He is looking to put aside the poor run and get a run of home wins up to the end of the season with Villa still having to face Everton, West Ham, Hull City and Newcastle at Villa Park. (Away we have Manchester United, Bolton, Fulham and Middlesbrough)

Well, he actually says ‘four or five home victories’ but with just four games to play, I’d say a fifth win might be on the tough side, still it is a funny old game!

Importantly he says the 12th man has a part to play admitting the natives have been restless due to the home form not reflecting the away games this season adding,

‘I think that they realise this is the time when it matters and if they are loud and cheering us on that can give us that extra yard and help us push even further. They can be vital for the team.’


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  • Obviously you see things different to me. I was refering to what i heard Barry saying yesterday about him NEEDING champs league to keep his england place and how england duty gets him away from our ‘slump’. I see a player who isnt a patch on the one he was last season, both in ability and desire. Sure i admire his professionalism for getting on with things but it just seems like its a front until he gets his move.

  • Give the supporters something to cheer and they will cheer, perform like over paid bunch of knobs just back from the beach and dont be surprised if the cant be arsed.

  • voiceoftheholte – I couldn’t agree more! I remember being in the Holte 20 years ago and listening to our fans booing Kevin Gage – a player who had been a major factor in us staying up the previous season… It is STILL happening and it is embarrassing. I wish that our away support was replicated at Villa Park – then we could legitimately claim the best fans in the country.
    Medzy – stop reading the twisted press reports and realize that they print just the stuff that will stir a response… you’re surely more intelligent than that!!
    David O’Leary was/is arrogant and I’m glad he’s gone, but he was right in his description of a portion our fans….

  • EZLFC – touch a nerve there did I? If thousands of Murderpool fans hadn’t have turned up 5 minutes before kick off, drunk and ticketless before Hillsborough, the disaster wouldn’t have happened. Although the Police opening the gates as response to this stupidity was also a terrible mistake. You got English clubs banned from Europe for your murderous ways abroad leading to the deaths of innocent supporters. And then you balmed everybody else for the fiasco that was Athens and resorted to robbing and assaulting your own flesh and blood for a ticket. I think Murderpool is pretty accurate description. Once could be seen as a mistake and twice careless. But three times????? It is obvious that Murderpool supporters are the problem. Get over it.

  • Folks, not interested in having another nasty thread about Hillsborough. For goodness sake let the poor souls who passed away that day rest in peace and move on.

  • well said Fear. VotH you let yourself down badly with that last post. I agree completely with your comments about the noise at Villa Park and your comments could apply to any stand except the Holte and perhaps lower North stand (can we hand out song sheets to the trinity and DE maybe then they’d sing).

  • I know I know. I couldn’t help myself and I should of refrained from highlighting the serious downfalls of the Murderpool supporters. Sorry. However it seems that all the moaners from Villa Park do not want to come on here and say why they feel the need to abuse our own team. Other than col8 who says if we are doing well suppoters will cheer and if we aren’t then fans shouldn’t be bothered. It is that sort of fickle attitude that permeates VP and leads to the negative attitude we so often see. Any muppet can sing when we are winning. It is the true supporters who still give the support when we are losing. And that doesn’t mean after 1 or 2 games, it means season in season out.

  • Ive been vocal in the past but VP games are usually awful to watch, and I cant be bothered to shout or sing at all when im there. Im as mad as any one about this club generally but I find no entertainment or pleasure from the games at all despite arriving at the ground with high hopes. Thankfully for the fans who want the singers, I wont bother renewing regardlesss of where we finish, but am I right in saying that this team is absolutely *****in ***** to watch? Is it just me? Im not having a go at anyone but it just seems ironic that when we so high in the league I feel that way, maybe Im just a little bored of it all but the only game that I came away from feeling I had a great tme watching was the Arsenal. The 2nd half Wigan Alamo was pretty good as well to be fair. Also this season it seems Im surrounded by more booing idiots and moaners and groaners who pipe up after about 5 mins of play! Its a *****in pastime watching the villa, I dont want to hear all that *****, bad enough at work but to come to a game and hear that all time – depressing. So that and the turgid football means I cant get up for the matches at all.

  • no, some of the games have been very poor this season Mickey, not just you saying or thinking it. I’ll still be going though, maybe I need to get a life but in the meantime, season after season it is down to the Villa I go! lol

  • flippin hell Mickey. It is a good job you don’t support any of the clubs worse off than us or you would be hanging yourself. We are the 7th top scorers at home and 4th top scorers away from home. Last season we were the 2nd top scorers in the country. So to answer the question is this team poor to watch, no I don’t think we are. No we are not the best, but we are definitely up there. However you have summed up the attitude of so many supporters. Unfortunately though this is the attitude, that unless is changed, will prevent the club from taking the next step forward. I actually think changing perceptions and attitudes of supporters is the biggest off field challenge facing the owners.

  • Fair enough, I know things arent awful and we are well off as a club, as good as its been for a long time. Its just i have never been overly concerned about exactly where we are in the league, champs league qualification etc. My mates obsess over it, i just love watching the Villa, ever since I started going to the Villa seeing us spank the old dons 7-1 I just wanted to enjoy the Saturday (or whatever day) we play. It hardly seems to me that a lot of people do enjoy, most fans are on edge straight away because every 3 points seems so crucial. Of course im happier if we do well, and seeing us win a cup again would be amazing despite what I say, but I do feel some of the stuff MON will dress up as ‘splendid’ is awful as a spectator, but is effective for the most part. Think its maybe just me growing older and getting less enthusiastic about things in general lol.

  • Gareth is quite correct, the supporters have a really huge part to play. Sadly there is way too much negativity, which is unbelievable considering the position the club finds itself in.

  • Away from home the support is second to none. The supporters come together and create a tremendous atmosphere. Sadly that is not always the case at Villa Park, although lets be fair here. The noise volume and atmosphere is way, way better than it ever was in the Doug Ellis days.

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