Date: 8th May 2007 at 3:47pm
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Martin O’Neill has spoken about how pivotal Villa captain Gareth Barry is comparing him to Chelsea’s (Fat) Frank Lampard and Liverpool’s (disappears for half a game) Steven Gerrard. Pah, ours is much better, he gives 100% game in and game out!

O’Neill told ‘There were some big performances. I thought there were a number of great performances, but Gareth Barry was absolutely outstanding. I know he could play a number of positions, and I’m talking big now, but his performance on Saturday was up with those boys who play or England. It was up with Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard – it was that special.’

‘He’s the heartbeat of this football club. Heartbeat is the operative word – he’s got fantastic heart, but he’s got great ability and that showed on Saturday. I just thought it was an immense performance.’

And to think the Spurs fans keep harping on about signing him in the summer. HA, get real, Barry will be going nowhere, maybe we could send them Djemba Djemba instead!


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  • GB has been the stalwart of the entire season – even through the rough patch in the middle. He must be up for the forthcoming England squad. I heard that Steve McClaren was at VP on Saturday. Can anyone confirm or deny this? It would be two Villa games on the trot as he was at Eastlands the week before. Maybe I have got the wrong end of this but this is coincidental with MON publicly stating that a full England call up for Gabby was a bad idea in the short term.

  • Barry is awesome, as good as f***** and stevieg. Barry would put far more in than they do for england.

  • I also think he kept us up last season, without him we’d have been sunk, I’m sure of it!

  • Mcclaren was at the game, still not sure why he wont pick him for England. He has to be one of the top 4 english midfielders in terms of goals, assists and allround brilliance this season…plus he’s LEFT FOOTED.

  • “Gareth Barry – Heartbeat Of Villa”. Until he joins Spurs in the summer that is 😉

  • Don’t respond gentlemen – he is like a small child trying to seek attention. We all know that Totenham are in decline and we are on the up. Can’t wait til we get CL ahead of them. They they will be so upset. Wonder who they will blame? Jol? Defoe? Gardner? Ghaly? Having no Left Winger? Seems they are always blaming something or someone for underperforming. Berbatov for ManU I say.

  • A great palyer agreed, but Stevie G is truly exceptional. Not on the same planet. Better than Fat Frank though.

  • “Spurs are in decline”. Would you like to elaborate on that please. Europe two seasons running and good cup runs this season would suggest that we are a club on the up. Would you care to tell me when Villa last got anywhere near the quarter finals of the UEFA cup? And unlike Villa, Spurs do not need the money from being taken over. We gain our money by ticket sales, T.V rights, doing well in the league, worldwide fan base etc etc. Villa can only hope that a man that knows nothing about football (Mr Lerner) can provide them with the money to attract “top class” players, as you put it.

  • Do you know what we should do – buy every young English player available and then try them all one by one in the team till we find a good one. Then try and ofload the rest over the next 5 years while we pay their wages. Oh no, somebody beat us to it!!!

  • And isn’t it funny that the club that has done that is considered the best of the teams outside of the top four. I don’t mind, you can stick to your Carew’s, Young’s, Bardsley’s, Maloney’s etc. We can carry on with our Berbatov’s, Zokora’s, Dawson’s, Chimbonda’s and we will see who the most successful team will be.

  • Barry is a Legend and at 25 is coming into his prime – Remember Lampard and Gerrard really took off at 25 so here’s hoping.
    Fans Player of the year again ?

  • I think that you should have to be up to date with the facts before being allowed to post here. Bardsley is off back to United, and as far as I can make out Chimbonda wants tp play for Arsenal, but will probably be going to Chelsea. What with Barbie Doll leavng for Manchester they squads should be very different next season. Murphy and Gardner should be good cover for you though

  • I wouldn’t respond either, Lemmon has done this loads of times cause all the spuds fans ignore him on their site. He knows whats going on at the Villa and that Spuds have zero chance of signing Barry, he does literally just come on here for the wind up, having said all that please feel free to slate the eye shaving dohnut.

  • Berbatov has stressed on many occasions that he loves Spurs and he will be with us next season, so that puts an end to that. Am i sensing a bit of jealousy from Villa fans towards Berbatov, i think i am. Don’t worry – Aaron Hughes, Mark Delaney, Gavin McCann and Chris Sutton should easily get you into the Champions League and attract the top quality players that Villa crave.

  • Ooohh – I love it when they dig the hole deeper. Hughes – main target, new right back. McCann – backup at best. Sutton – never going to play again because of eye injury. Delaney – great player, hope he makes it back without further injury. Do we prefer Defoe or Keane up front ? Or is Gabby better than both for next season?

  • If you consider Gabriel Agbonlahor, 10 goals in 40 starts, better than Keane, 21 goals in 30 starts, then there must be something wrong . Isn’t Keane the same striker that Villa have pursued for the past 6 seasons but have failed at every attempt? Keane deserves better, atleast playing in the UEFA cup.

  • Lemmon – about 30 of them starts were on the Right Wing, so if your theory is correct this makes Gabby better than the real Aaron Lennon?

  • Barry is the best player weve got by some distance, but the last few games have thrown me a bit. i was interested ti see who we would bring in this summer to play alongside Petrov in the middle, but after the way barry has played recently i reckon we should be looking for a new left sided player instead. Barry has settled into the central midfield position like a dream. i know hes not the holding player were supposed to be after but it still gives MON and interesting dilema.

  • Definetely Barry in the middle. We have options on the left already – unlike some teams. Maloney, Berger and Young can all play left. I think we need more cover for the right. Well said Macka, just going to say the same. these people who comment without all the facts, eh!

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