Date: 8th February 2007 at 1:46pm
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Villa captain Gareth Barry has spoken of his second half appearance in the England team last night during yet more confirmation that Steve McClaren is not up to the job.

Barry said: ‘I’m not too sure whether I’ve done enough to cement my place in the squad for the qualifiers. It’s a big squad and there was a few withdrawals, but I was happy with what I did because I kept it simple and I didn’t let anyone down. It was a proud moment for me – Steve McClaren said at half-time there was going to be one change and there were nine players on the bench so I didn’t think it was going to be me. So it was a bonus for me to get half a game.’

‘It was disappointing not to start because there was a lot of talk about me being left-back. But he’d obviously called me into the squad as a midfielder which is the first time I’ve been in the squad in that position. I felt comfortable playing the left of a three in midfield and I feel that’s probably my best position.’

Barry added on the official site: ‘It was a disappointing result and I would have preferred my recall to have come in a positive game. But it was nice just to be involved again and have half a game for England – it’s better than having a 10-15 minute run out.’


15 Replies to “Gareth Barry On 9th England Cap”

  • The less Gareth plays for England the better. We don’t want McClaren lowering MON’s high playing standards!!!

  • Just how awful were England last night? Dire, 2 shots one being a Peter Crouch tap! Pathetic. Would like to say, could do better, but under Sven No2 I don’t think we can.

  • McLaren, like Sven has no VISION of how he wants the team to play. Create your vision, then pick the players to fit in. That does not always mean it will be the so called best players. Picking ‘the best’ players because the media wants you to and then having no clear idea on how to accomodate them is a recipe for disaster. You end up tinkering with formations/systems to get them to work together. He should be brave enough to admit that players like Lampard and Gerrard CANNOT play together. Or he should leave.

  • It was a bit like watching ellis and dol’s villa last season. I think if that was a prem team it would have been relegated. Rubbish.

  • Very very poor and most of all – PREDICATABLE! Barring injuries affecting the first team turn out – and I mean proper injuries like Owen/Hargreaves/A.Cole/Terry – we were awful (barring Barry). Did anyone notice how slow Dyer was, how SWP was afraid to take people on, how The Everton One was pathetic….I hate to say it from the ‘MCCLAREN YOU BERK’ thread but I told you so. Last of all – LAMPARD on the left!!!! MCCLAREN – you are a tw@.

  • Swp’s confidence is obviously at rock bottom. His price should come down a fair bit to a more relistic level. Mon will be able to restore that confidence and produce another rabbit out of the hat.

  • Gareth give it up son, give it up as a bad job. The current England manager is a complete tool and only picked you because of pressure from Supporters, Press and the pundits. He doe’s not want a reliable, solid player who can do a job, he wants ex Manyoo and Boro players so he can say ,,,,,, I had a hand in this player from a long time ago. Pity you wre not born North of the border or in sheep shaggin country where you would have had your tallent recognised by 80+ caps.

  • He (Gareth) was only included in the squad to pacify the media. The fact that he was only given 45 minutes to prove his worth was an insult to the most in form left sided player in the premiership. The least said about England and that clown McClaren the better.

  • Still think many are too hard on Sven. OK, he lost it towards the end, and he was never great at match-changing decisions when things were not going well, but his record is favourable to pretty much all former-England managers (bar one). And England did at times under him play some damn good footie. Sven or McC? Not even worth posing the question.

  • Well I understand we are still paying Sven a very hefty pay packet, so why not cut our losses? Sack SM and bring back our Swedish maestro, at least until this ridiculous payment agreement comes to an end.

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