Date: 8th September 2007 at 8:13pm
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Congratulations to Gareth Barry for his performance in the England team today against Israel.

The Villa skipper started his first competitive match for around five years (wasn’t it 2002, hey its Saturday night, I’ve not got time to check all my facts!) and played a perfect game with his usual concise passing and no nonsense attitude.

Barry had a hand in two of the three goals, one with an inch perfect pass through to Michael Owen – who finished with aplomb and another from a great corner converted by Micah Richards.

In other international action, Shaun Maloney provided the ammunition for Scotland’s goal today and Gabby Agbonlahor scored for the England Under-21s last night against Montenegro.

Now lets hope Barry keeps his place for the crunch game against Russia on Wednesday night. Push me hard enough and I might even admit that Amule Heskey played well today as well!

All in all, a good day for England, we won the cricket (beating India with ease and winning an entertaining one day series 4-3), we won the rugby (albeit a pretty average display against the USA) and we beat Israel in the footie. Happy days!


13 Replies to “Gareth Barry – Pride Of England!”

  • He was awesome. Shame BBC didn’t spend more time highlighting just how good he was. Hansen said he wouldn’t play Lampard, rather he’d keep it as it is! UP THE VILLA and Well Done Gareth!

  • Barry played very well, just the type of performance we see week in and week out. My mates said they hadn’t realised how good he was until he played today.

  • Superb performance by GB, who surely proved to the doubters out there that his name should be a fixture in the England starting line-up. Was you watching McClaren?

  • I wasnt meaning to be offensive of his performance mate, i just meant we would of won without him fairly easily, he kept it simple and rarely lost possession which was good, he did what was asked of him but that was it. Think i’d rather hargreves was in there with stevie G though, and i don’t think hargreaves and barry would work if you pushed gerrard out wide.

  • Awwww , come on guy’s , we watch Barry week in week out . We knew he was England quality before yesterday . The rest of the country know it too now . Lampard is know better than Gareth , just wears the blue of smelsea n that gets him by . “”COME ON THE VILLA””

  • His ability to work with and within the team – especially his ability to play effectively with Gerrard – his vision and exquisite threaded through-balls were a joy to watch. How long has it been since a midfielder has shown that quality of passing for England? Both Gerrard and Lampard are extremely good players, but both exhibit too much of the huff and puff, whereas Barry is as calm as you like, and reminds me of the old greats like Johnny Haynes. He also reminds me a bit of Garry Parker, another who gave the appearance of being slow but could thread a nice ball, thank you.

  • Everton mike, where did you get the impression last nigth was easy? Could it be you got that impression from Gaz Baz’s mint-defence-shredding passing almost evertime he got the ball? What annoys me is that Beckham was hailed as a legend for coming back into the england squad and setting up one goal. Barry gets his first start sets up 2 GOALS and was crucial in the first goal yet still you want injured Hargreaves and Gerrard ahead of BARRY! This is why we don’t win anything as a national side… Reputation before merit

  • Chris Wadle said Barry was the pick of the bunch for him last night! Nice to see him getting some much deserved credit!

  • exactly simon,how can he be dropped after that!!! in my opinion he was the stand out player on park yesterday along with maybe richards.lets just say if he played for man u or chelsea he would definately never be dropped after that performance!!! and to say england wouldve won well without him everton mike,can you or anybody else honestly see phil neville producing that sort of classy performance from centre midfield as he obviously was next in line to barry after coming on to replace gerrard!!! dont make me *****in laugh mate,that response is utter bollox. lol. UTV

  • 1) totally agree with simonbigron, but totally used to this. how often we are made to despair at some of the comments in the media/thoughts of the england manager…the truth is, barry would get in the man utd side the way he’s playing. 2) phil neville is a joke. 3) hahaha…phil neville must have about 60 caps! what an absolute farce. 4) lets not change a winning side like the ridiculous martin samuel (gorilla man) wants.

  • Without the injury problems that allowed the likes of Gareth, SWP, and Emile Heskey to step to the fore, its a fair bet that once again we would be complaining about another sub-standard, below-par England offering. Comes to something when the nation is hoping and praying that those missing yesterday are not fit to return on Wednesday.

  • Out here in Singapore they had Steve McMahon commentating, and he called Barry a “proper” midfielder – none of this “I’m an attacking Midfielder” or “I’m a holding player” bollx….basically a Midfielder that stands up tall and does the lot – gets forward when he needs to, gets back when he needs to, and sprays the ball around. Well done Gareth – one of the few “Proper Midfielders” around. You deserve all of the praise.

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