Date: 13th September 2007 at 9:20am
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Gareth puts Villa on the map.

I am unsure if it is possible but can we get messages of congratulations to Gareth Barry via this forum?

In just four days he has completely blown The England midfield debate wide open. For years we have tried various options, with the two most high profile players, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, consistently failing to gel together. Hargreaves came into the equation and the media tried to manipulate him into a midfield three.

But for years we have constantly extolled the virtues of our captain, to no avail. Erickson constantly overlooked him, to Gareth’s frustration. More by chance than design, GB has got his opportunity and he has grabbed it with both hands, and then some. This will have many spin offs for us. GB has quite a way to go on his contract, so his value could easily have rocketed to £20m. Especially when you see how much has been paid for Owen Hargreaves and Michael Carrick.

It is impossible to leave him out of the next squad, but if Nigel Okey Cokey and Ashley Young continue the way they have started the season, then the press will really have to take notice of what is happening at Villa Park. If Gaby Agbonlahor, Luke Moore and Scott Carson can also come up with the goods then for the first time in years Villa can really put themselves on the media map. The value of all the players mentioned would rocket if this happened. Not forgetting Craig Gardner who I personally think can go on to be bigger for the Villa than David Platt.

In just 4 days, Gareth has possibly put a new spring into the Villa revolution. The downside is that he will now be in demand. He is performing better than players who consistently play on a bigger stage and in front of bigger audiences. It will be natural to want this himself. If we can not give him that stage to play in front of full houses, who knows what the future holds. When he runs out at VP in front of several thousand empty seats, who could blame him if he thought about wanting to play in front of a more appreciative audience. This could well be the same for the other players.

I have often said that it will be us, the fans (or lack of them or to many fickle ones) that will hold our club back. This scenario could be just around the corner unless we start to fill VP for every game, starting from now. On a positive note, GB really detests Erickson, and Sunday is a great opportunity to stick one up him for good measure. So how about getting messages to him JF?

Mine would be well done Gareth. The opportunity was long overdue and you did yourself and the Villa proud.


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  • Leave your messages to Barry here and I’ll try to make sure they are passed on to him via the media department.

  • Well done gareth you were outstanding, you done yourself proud , villa fans proud, villa proud and the whole of england proud. We knew you could do it and now the whole of england know you can do it. Keep it up, thank you.

  • We all knew how good you were and have been shouting “BARRY FOR ENGLAND” for years! About time the England manager listened! Awesome performances Gareth, Long may it continue. Up the Villa!

  • Gareth you were awesome…!! I haven’t seen 2 England midfielders gel like you are Gerrard for some time. Every pass had a purpose…i thought Ferdinand should have backeheeled the ball 2 you when he scored 2!! ha ha!! Now bring on Man City!! UTV

  • Well done Gareth, you’ve rescued my faith in the national team for a moment longer. I’d given up on watching the previous 3 matches but i watched the last 2 matches because we had our captain playing.

  • Its only fair that he stays in the team till someone ousts him. Lampard can bugger off. Personally i would have gone with Carrick before the games, but Barry has grabbed the slot with both hands, same goes for Heskey. The team should be unchanged.

  • At last the media will have woken up to one of the very best midfielders in the prem. Fantastic display, years overdue but its great to have a Villa man literally running the show for England.

  • Mark Lawrenson…..”well there it is, its taken 88minutes and 32 seconds for Gareth Barry to miss a pass, thats how good he has been tonight a fantastic all round performance”. Says it all for me, its not just his overall game, its the balance and the safety he offers Gerrard – in my eyes the best central/attacking midfielder in the world at the moment. Villa Legend in the making, up there with McGrath and Tayls.

  • Was thnking totally the same thing VOTH, about barry getting our messages.

    Anyways, Gareth, fantastic performance, showed the footballing world what us villa have known for years and years. Absoloutley perfect performance, thoroughly deserved call up and performance, and I hope Villa get to a few cup finals and europe so you can cement your place in villa history.

    You are a fantastic and loyal player for AVFC, and the fans are proud to have you. The ultimate proffessional, and as Beyonce signs, Irreplaceable.

  • And that pass wasn’t that bad !!! better than Lampards passes over the last two years or so !!!……………Gareth you made me feel so proud last night, you are an outstanding example of a proffesional footballer, never mind all the primadonna’s, kids should look to you as an example of how to conduct theirselves and achieve things against all odds… really proved last night that you don’t have to wear a ‘TOP FOUR’ shirt to boss an England midfield set-up, I haven’t seen a more comfortable England midfield since Platt and Gazza, keep it up Gareth, make that No.7 yours for keeps. UTV

  • “Class” and little more than we expected. Goes to show how poor overrated and one dimensional Fat Frank is. Also how overrated Carricks passing ability is. Showed everyone.

  • Being Irish Barry’s performances have the only positives Ive had from the internationals,he showed everyone what we already knew.The most underrated player in Britain.

  • Gareth – It was ALL about you last night and has been over the past 5 days. What we’ve known about you’re ability for years, the nation now knows that too. An excellent advert for perseverance, hard work and sticking to your guns. You’re now in a position to get yourself 50+ caps. Others will now follow your lead at Villa – you’ve proven yourself to be a great leader and role model and the young’uns at our club are taking note of the blueprint that you’ve provided for being a successful international player. Well done Gareth, keep up the super form by leading us to 3pts at Eastlands on Sunday!

  • Congratulations Gareth. Two deserved starts, three assists, two great performances; you never cease to do us proud!

  • Gareth you seem to have struck up an awesome partnership with Stevie G, any chance of getting him to come to Villa? 😉 P.S. Dont even think about joing Liverpool! haha. Well done son, you are pure class!

  • Gareth, like many villa fans I saw a bit of the England game last night but gave most of my attention to the Gareth Barry show. As a mad Villa fan I kicked every ball with you. We are all very proud of you to the point of watching you is like watching our own children play the game. You have always given your all, never once complaining. I remember when JG said you needed to get your shorts dirty more often, bet that comment makes you smile these days.
    For brilliance and, at the same time, for consistency of achievement, for activity in philanthropic enterprise, for astuteness of management and for general alertness, the superiors of Gareth Barry cannot be found.

  • The rest of the footballing world has finally woken up to what we’ve all known for years. You’re a class act Gareth, many congratulations on two magnificent displays for England.

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