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The last time we looked at General Krulak’s thread was here: GK part 5: General Krulak Update Thread Part 5 and the forum where we last looked was page 73 – Click Here

Well, to start off, GK has got to 1000 posts… thanks GK and especially thanks to Mrs GK for ‘lending him to us’ for so long!

On another note, GK was quoted on page 73 as saying… ‘The Fear was correct’ Doesn’t matter about what, I just like to read that, feel free to all say similar whenever I express an opinion….! (And for those that really don’t ‘get it’ I AM joking!…. or am I?!)

On the open training day General Krulak said:

Some 11,000 fans showed up for the training day…and I hope that some of you made it. In a very real sense, this day was a ‘Fan Appreciation Day’ for the loyal support that you have shown Aston Villa FC over the years and to Randy, MON and the Board. In a time when the economy is in the tank and not much is free, we wanted to do something special for those who have been special to us. Thank you!!

He was also again asked about the plans to re-develop Villa Park. Without being able to commit, he did say when asked about filling in the corners at VP:

Obviously we are looking at the corners…they are a logical starting place when you think of increasing size of stadium. BUT, no decision has been made at this time.

James06 spoke about our defenders and GK said: James06: I feel very good about our defense…it is strong and savvy. With that in mind, I do not see Everton scoring more than one. My concern is the same as most Fans…our ability to put the ball into the net. Today’s papers discussed this very issue…and our Captain also discussed the issue. I am hopeful that this weekend will see us push forward and, whilst controlling the middle of the Pitch, really pressure the Everton backs. I believe we will score…and that the game will end up with a Villa win.

And on the Bolton game:

Last night I watched the Bolton game again on the telly. It was a helluva game! I roger up on everything said about the lads on the Pitch but I reiterate that I really cannot and should not comment on what team to set out for our next game. I can just read what the Birmingham Mail would have as headlines: ‘General sets line-up….MON out for his scalp.’ Simply put, I am going to trust in MON. As an aside, Bolton had a pretty good side for most of this part of the season…I wouldn’t down them too much. Equally important, I watched the Burnley game this weekend….they looked like a pretty touch side against ManCity. They have a nice squad…some good speed.

It is important I think to point out, as some get a bit carried away when GK talks about footie, players etc, that when he does he is speaking as a fan, not as a director or as anyone who thinks his important is more or less important than anyone else. Best to point that out as at no time does he second guess the manager, he just talks as the rest of us do, as a fan, frustrated with losses and delighted with wins.

Benham pointed this article out about Martin Laursen saying what a great bloke he is. ‘Take a look at this General, the man is true gent! and we all miss him still *weeps*’

GK said Benham: Amen!!!!!

KiwiVillan to GK ‘Belated Happy 234th Marines Anniversary, General’

GK: kiwivillan: Thank you! Had a nice toddy on the 10th!

Skeggy asked ‘Will the club be doing any ‘special’ collections, IE buckets, for the Acorns charity before Christmas?’

GK: Yes, we will be collecting as we did last year. And yes, it is traditional for the officers to serve the mess on holidays.

Folks, please remember the Vital Villa Acorns 450 challenge, I’m determined to donate over £1000 in two seasons, although cash is tight I know, it really could do with your help! Vital Villa Acorns 450 Challenge Update Just £1 would be fabbo.

On the subject of Villa’s seemingly endless habit of beating the ‘big’ teams and then throwing it away v the sides we ‘should’ beat:

Witton_Lane: I am with you….I am deeply afraid that our losses to teams we should have beat will plague us in the end. It is for this reason that we need consistency in our play and we need to continue to take points off the top 4. There is no doubt in my mind that MON and the lads want the consistent play…wanting and doing are two different things. We need to do…and I think we will as the season progresses. We just need to continue to support the lads and give them the motivation they deserve.


2. Witton_Lane: Believe me, I can get very angry…Browns or Villa…when we don’t play to our potential. I do think this weekends game was the ‘real’ Villa…and not just a case of the competition. The key is to have the real Villa show up with consistency. I absolutely know that MON and the players feel the same way…that is their goal. I am not sure who MON is going to play next game…and I really can’t comment on what line-up I would like to see on the Pitch.

Meyouldy mentioned being sick after some food at a match (although admitted it could also have been from something eaten or drunk outside of the ground. GK took this very seriously but the best part of the response for me (sorry, I need to get out more) was Thanks for bringing this up. :o) Made me laugh anyway!

A few questions on the official site to which GK replied: As I have said before, we are working on the OS….and you will see continued improvement. Our new IT guy has viewed all other PL sites and will get ours up to speed.

Oh, after the Bolton game I asked GK if he could remember the last 5-1 win…. ! Click Here

Empty seats my Lord?

The debate rumbles on, some are saying that Villa Park isn’t selling out because of the economy, others the style of play and many saying it is a mixture of both.

leebarnett2004 hit the nail on the head in my opinion. If they are my team, I am going to support them. I understand where the comments about ‘style of football’ but I have been watching, at a minimum, two games a week on the telly and I would say that we are playing as exciting a brand of football as most of the teams I have watched. Again, there are certain moments in any game where it is really exciting…and that is what we see on the highlights. Watch the whole game and it is a different matter. Again, the telly in the US played the penalty shootout the other day and it looked like the most exciting game ever….of course the entire game was not shown.

With some saying they felt it was the style of play not the economy, GK retorted

Aspinall: Again, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. Simply put, MOST fans would go to the games if it was economically feasible…because they are fans. Since I have been under doctor’s orders to not travel, I have had lots of opportunity to see Premiership games on the telly…normally see two a week that aren’t Villa. I can tell you that I have seen FAR more boring games than those I have seen related to the Villa. Remember, what you see on Sky are replays of the key points of a game…NOT the entire game. I can show you the highlights of our Carling Cup victory and you would think it was the most exciting game of the year. Perception is key.


I understand all of what is being said…I really do. Let me make a few of my own points. I am not sure I read it correctly but someone mentioned that it is no longer the Manager or the players or the Owner’s ‘fault’ but the Fans…or something like that. I am sure I read it wrong or interpreted it wrong. BUT, to absolutely set the record straight, Randy and the Board have NOTHING but praise for our Fans and believe they are the best in the League. You all have done nothing wrong…you ‘spark us’ when things are not right and applaud us when we do get it right. That is what fans are supposed to do! So, if anyone out there feels like the fans are not appreciated or listened to…believe me, you are!! Secondly, I cannot repeat myself enough….I have done nothing on the weekends but watch the Villa and, at a minimum, two other games. BELIEVE ME, I have yet to see a team that plays this great, inventive, spectacular play that some feel is played by other teams. In reality, I see VERY FEW, if any, teams with our pace on the flanks and the excitement that comes with that pace. I understand the comments about ‘hoof ball’ and others….and I am not discounting your views. I am only saying that comparisons might cause you to think differently if you were watching what I have been watching around the league. Finally, the economy is a big factor…rich guys like The Fear might not think so (I had to borrow a quid from him to get a lager the last time I was over…he is always rolling in cash) but many are just having trouble spending the money right now.

In reference to my post and the joke from GK, I did reply just so those who don’t know me or haven’t noticed my debating re: this point in other threads and online:

lol, nice post GK.

‘I have argued a few times on my front page articles with a chap who is very angry at the fans for not turning up and selling out (something I expected after the Ellis era ended I must admit) that the economy has had a massive impact and even before the sub prime, Rover closing was massive for Birmingham and the outlying areas.

So honestly, if it was misinterpreted that the ultra rich like me (I wish this was true!!) don’t think the economy is a big factor, then I didn’t express myself properly.

However I do also think that choices are being made by fans and part of those choices are what is best value for their limited money, if they aren’t enjoying the football, then that is also a factor.

Then there are berks like me and many many others who (Tommy Docherty quote) would come out to watch the shirts dry. Just as well because in the last ten years, there have been many many matches that have felt like that!

Happy days! Hope the health is improving General.’


And so there you have it. There were debates re: the manager also with GK fighting the managers corner (along with other users) but to be fair, that is just fan to fan talk, not really the sort of feedback that the club and GK are looking for, so I’ve sort of bypassed them in this summary.

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