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The last time we looked at General Krulak’s thread was here: GK part 8: Click Here and the forum where we last looked was page 106 – Click Here

There were issues over the party of the waves between Villa and the archivist / historian. The feedback is in the thread, I don’t feel it appropriate to comment in this article.

Back to transfers and money available questions!

GK Transfer/money/sell-to-buy: First off, I do NOT do transfers. Secondly, look at the history of Randy and this Club and money. Third, do you really think MON is going to describe his strategy re. transfer windows? Fourth, how many 20+ goal strikers do you think are floating out there ready to be purchased midway thru the football season? Bottom Line: I am not in the transfer business….it is a CRAZY time of year and I just don’t want to get into the craziness…especially when I have nothing to do with it. If folks on the net want to rant over these issues…fine. I am not going to talk about this.

On the semi final game v Blackburn Rovers: The Game: Basically, I went through 4 heart attacks and barely survived. What a game!! The twists and turns…the highs and lows of emotions! Unbelievable!! I thought both sides played their hearts out…there is no question that we left everything we had on the Pitch. I wouldn’t even consider ‘rating’ the players…no one who saw or heard the game could miss the fact that everyone of our lads gave their all. It was just one of those games that will provide memories for a lifetime. The Fans were absolutely brilliant. If ever there was a game to prove the importance of the fans, this was the game. You all should be VERY proud of your part in the victory. And yes, Randy did hear, ‘One Randy Lerner.’…he is a bit uncomfortable with the attention but, for this one time, it was heard and appreciated. Up the Villa!!!!

No longer an issue as the game is done and dusted but plenty of feedback was left with reference to the ticketing for the final. This feedback is taken on board and is read by staff at Villa who make the policies, so good to remember how useful threads like this can be despite some constantly trying to get around our guidelines and ask inappropriate questions on transfers or the manager etc! :o)

Tickets: I know how frustrated some are because of the number of tickets available…I wish Wembley held 150,000 but it doesn’t and we must make do with what seating we get. There are going to be fans who just won’t be able to make it. We are looking at doing something at Villa Park…maybe at the Holte Suite but we need to see what we are legally able to do.

There was also feedback left about Stewards being told they couldn’t have tickets, again it is in the threads for all to see should you so wish. Turned out that stewards had been wrongly informed in the first place, as long as they’d attended 80% of the games from the start of the season they did have tickets.

+ feedback on the cost of viewing at Villa Park to which GK said Pricing: I will have to look into it…my sense is that we looked closely at prices and made the call based upon several things…to include the cost of opening up the stadium and Holte and manning security stations, etc. etc. The cost of a showing in the Holte is not just found in the actual event but also the support required to pull it off. It was down to supply and demand and the club were proved right with their pricing as the venues on offer did sell out.

Following another question, GK said Our iPhone application is in development now and should be ready in the next month or two.

Talk of a Villa anthem continues, GK said I like the idea of an anthem…one that can be sung anywhere…one that has class and brings out the passion and emotion of the Fans. I have continually suggested that the Fan committee search the fan base for suggestions for an anthem and bring those to the Club. We can then arrange for a vote and perhaps, just perhaps, get ourselves an anthem. The Marine Hymn has a catchy tune…hint, hint.

GK was then off the sites for five days having tests. Sadly under doctors orders he was told he couldn’t travel to Wembley. For those who are going to Wembley…you will have to have a pint on me and really cheer the lads on. I am gutted but it looks like the Docs are saying no.

On his health he added: My health situation is a strange one and I owe you all a little explanation. Since last April, I have suffered from a severe bacterial infection that was caused by a wrong diagnosis followed by the misapplication of antibiotics. As a result, all the good bacteria in my system was destroyed and the bad bacteria took over. I have finally got that under control but the doctors are afraid to put me into a situation where I might get sick and need an antibiotic…because taking another antibiotic might well cause the entire problem to reoccur. They still think I am a month or so away from being able to safely travel by plane.

Jameslees said ‘2 goals in 5 League Home Games is not great but lets look at the bigger picture, we are undefeated this year with only 3 losses in 23. With those stats its amazing we are not higher in the league but it shows how tough the top 7 is. But just think what a world class striker would do for the team? Its the final piece in the jigsaw and will guarantee the 5 year plan is achieved.’

GK Jameslees: I can only echo your comments!!!!!! We are very close in all aspects.

Murph said: ‘The reason why we aren’t higher is that whilst we do have a thoroughly commendable 3 losses in 23, we aren’t winning enough games. The final piece in the jigsaw, or the 5 year plan (which incidentally the General has denied ever existed previously) is potentially for the manager to realise he has to change, rather than the supporters, the PA system, Randy, General K or so on. A Stuart McCall quote for you. ‘It’s coming to a stage now where it is time for somebody new to come in. It’s just not meant to be.’

GK murph: I denied a 5 year plan? When was that? I have always said that we came in with a ‘5 year plan’…that included the entire Club vice just the football portion. We are keeping to that plan. As for MON….let’s let the man do his job. Take at look at where we have been and where we are now….and give him a modicum of the credit he is due. He has done a remarkable job in a short period of time….there are a lot of Clubs who would give their eye teeth to be where we are now. Let’s just take a moment to enjoy what has happened. We are going to Wembley aren’t we???

The five year plan was always a business plan anyway, so can’t understand why it has been used as a stick to beat them with, look at the changes in and around Villa Park to see the plan is very much in action and benefiting the club in numerous ways!

I posted a link to a good background article on GK: Click Here

GK said: The Fear: Looks like I fooled them again!!!!

My reply: ‘As you know General, I can’t see what all the fuss is about, I mean, ok,you’ve led men in war, been shot at and hit twice, you’ve earned medals and become a General, you’ve mixed with Presidents and been in the Oval office dressed as a bunny, you’ve been a director of many companies and traveled the world. But have you run a forum? No, you haven’t and yet you get all this attention….! lol So unfair (said in a stroppy teenager kinda way!)’ (And yes, for those who are so blind, it was a joke…!)

GK: The Fear: You are right…I would not have your job for a million dollars!!!! BUT, you do get that fabulous seat and the opportunity to ride with Randy on his plane and hobnob with Catherine Zeta Jones….so it can’t be all that bad.

AVFC48 asked GK if it was more important to the board to finish 4th this season, GK avfc48: I am not sure it is more important to reach final 4 this year over last year. I will say this, Randy spent quite a bit of money to strengthen the team off-season. It would be great to break the top four

GK response to ‘that’ article saying no money available etc (See: HOGWASH Report – Randy WILL Back O’Neill ) : OldHolteEnder: As soon as I read that article, I contact Randy. His single word comment was, ‘RUBBISH!!!!’ Randy and MON are in synch. They both understand where the Club needs to go and are dedicated to getting it there. Yes, it is a business and has to be run smartly but, at the same time, it needs to continue to move forward. We are not sure why the article was written or who was behind it…what we do know is that Randy and MON are on synch.

Asked about the North Stand: There is not much to report on the North Stand renovation…we are going to do it but will do it at the ‘right’ time. We have the plans and permission but do not feel that it is ready to progress at this time. My sense is that we will see it happen within the next couple of years.

GK on Wembley: I am gutted!!! 2. I thought our lads played hard and worked their bums off. 3. I thought the FANS were HUGE!!! I watched on the telly and, believe me, our Fans were great! 4. I didn’t expect much from the referee and was not disappointed. 5. I thought ManU played a solid game and have some quality players. 6. I thought that there were definitely times when we were deeply into the game and showed our quality too. 7. 2-1…it is what it is. I am gutted. 8. It is OUR DESTINY TO RAISE SILVERWARE!! I am convinced of that!!! We WILL do it!! It will be easy to look at one play or another…or look at one player at a moment in time…BUT, our lads played their hearts out and I think we all recognize that fact. We will be back!! UP THE VILLA!!

On the fans Again, away fans are HUGELY important to the lads on the Pitch. This was made VERY clear by the fans yesterday…the Villa fans were MAGNIFICENT.

I also put up a little scenario as people were still trying to suggest players etc to GK to tell MON. I then got asked if I was Hercs in disguise! lol

FOLKS… a reminder, especially to newbies (welcome).


GK is a director of Aston Villa and takes his precious time to take feedback etc from us to the club. The one exception is player advice. Can anyone seriously imagine GK going to MON and saying

‘Fear has suggested a striker is needed’

MON ‘great idea, why after all my years of playing and managing didn’t I notice that?’ ‘Does he have any suggestions as to who?’

GK ‘I’ll ask him, he obviously has a network of scouts and talks to other website editors so he is bound to know what is best for our team’

MON ‘superb, really think we are moving forward, make sure Fear gets a split of the commission’

GK to Randy: ‘Fear says we need to break the bank for a striker’

Randy ‘well, it is my bank but ok, if Fear says so, he does after all run a Villa website and writes some articles, so he must know’

GK answered: Fear: I loved the post!! That is exactly how it was the first time I went to MON and said that someone who posted wanted us to get Ronaldo…he went right after him. Nice to see him respond to my football knowledge. BURP!!

It is a shame that on the last page of this summary period I’m again having to delete comments with fans discussing between themselves about the manager, style of play or games. After 712 pages of these threads and 1087 posts by GK, I’d have thought people could understand the difference between a manager at the club and a director. Hey ho, I’m deleting purely because if numerous warnings are ignored, what more can be done?!

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