Date: 26th February 2009 at 3:17pm
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Not freezing yourself half to death in Moscow?

Missing the fact we aren’t on tv tonight?

Well why not join us in the match thread in our forum? Oh go on, you know you want to really! We promise to behave…. well…. I will anyway:

To join in, Click Here (warning, it is a forum, there is adult language, not suitable for kids…. apart from me!)

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28 Replies to “Get A Cuppa & Join Us In The CSKA Match Thread”

  • strange Marlon doesn’t get a look in still, shame. Would think that something has gone on but then again, if it had MON would have sold him surely? Think JC has a bad back…. Sadly he is rarely fit these days!

  • The two young lads are doing well. i have a feeling we might just nick this one…. jaysus they nearly scored there.. right ill shut up now.

  • Nevermind. We’ve got some right good’uns for the future in Guzan, Bannan, Albrighton and The Fonz. OK the Istanbul dream is over, but lets get behind the boys for the final push in the league. The pressure’s on but they need our support!

  • Hehe, I saw both matches and must admit that your performance left me deeply disappointed. To be very frank, you didn’t even deserve the one goal you scored at home. They controlled both matches and had a plethora of chances. You can be really lucky that it is only 3-1 on aggregate. Could have easily been 5-0 or so.

  • Controlled both matches, that’s funny. They had 6 on target in the first match and 8 tonight. We had 8 in the first match and 3 tonight and until their goal they were struggling against our second string. Proud of them tonight, and 2-0 was unjustified but that’s what happens when you take your chances.

  • I agree a 2-0 is not justified. A 5-0 would be;) They were really better than you. You simply have to admit this. Your recent decline in performance is obvious. I think Arsenal will catch up with you.

  • I think their blonde player with the 17 on the back could or even should have scored at least 3 goals, regarding how many good chances he had.

  • The fairytale didnt happen for the lads but its not all doom and gloom. Least we gave it a go and the kids got a great european experience. Nobody expected the win tonight, lets be brutally honest. Just hope man city lose now!

  • Chelsey you are making me giggle. Keep it up son, you’ll end up on stage. It’s why I love football, 40,000 people can watch the same game, yet there’s always one muppet who wants to gloat and attempt to wind people up. I’ve proud of the youngsters today, our future is very much bright and I love the fact CSKA struggled against the second string.

  • But don’t be too disappointed! There is a great chance that you will get a second chance in the UEFA Cup next season, because I simply can’t imagine how this team could end up 4th. Arsenal will get you, 100%.

  • CSKA Moscow 2 Cheats 0.

    Not the team, but the club. It does not matter if a majority of fans feel that MON is right. There remain a substantial number of fans who feel you give everything your best shot, and even if some players need resting you still go strong. I agree fully with the suggestion you should not be allowed into the UEFA Cup unless you agree to go strong which would need to be defined in some way, but would at least rule out Villa’ approach to this match. If we are 7th next season, we are meant to turn up to roar Vila on to come 6th or 5th and qualify for the UEFA Cup. But why bother. We will never know anymore if we are cheering our team on to get something deemed worthwhile and important to the Club, or something which might be prioritised as unimportant. Every Villa game has always been important to me. Others may be more fanatical than me, but I’ve watched them on most of the grounds across the country in all 3 divisions, and several Euro fixtures away. Many may disagree, but a substantial number will feel short- changed.

    Why bother is the message that is sent out, and even the logic of resting players does not hold with me. Zak Knight and Curtis Davies are hardly going to have been rested having been in a backs to the wall action in which Zak has had to try getting the goal as well as defend. With Laursson out and Cuellar injury prone and Davis already struggling recently at Everton, then the centre of our defence needed resting as much as anyone. They would certaiinly have been more rested with a stronger team around them. I am less than impressed and said as much in the pre-match threads. I am not an after the event merchant and as I have said elsewhere it was even possible we could have won in Moscocow with this team, and it is equally possible we will not win at Vila Park against Stoke with our rested players back. I fully expect and hope we do, but that is not the point. The point is some of us think we should try our best to win every match and feel let down. We have cheated the competition. What was the point of all that slog from July. I know a lot of fans have the answer – glory be to the Champions League, but there is a principle here for some. Every game counts. I don’t pick and choose, and neither should Villa.

  • I guess you didn’t take it seriously as you are looking for 4th place or I should say Champions league.So doesn’t matter I guesss.Am I right??

  • Play fair Chelsey, with the game itself you’re the only one disappointed on here because the mighty CSKA couldn’t beat our reserves 5-0. lol

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