Date: 1st March 2010 at 2:38pm
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Time and Place

Phew, been reading the flak on here and other fan sites all morning and as an alleged negative person I just cannot see the point.

Its not as though any of the Villa players did anything better or poorer than they normally do. OK I appreciate there are some who take every chance to promote their agendas especially against certain players and I could find plenty to say about Petrov’s inability to get near Utd wingers, Young’s inability to make a telling cross and so on. But lets get some perspective here, please.

Had it been after a loss to Reading I could understand the recriminations, I’ve done it, plenty of times this season alone, but this was a Wembley final against one of the top teams in Europe.

Not only that but most everywhere I read the pundits are calling it a superb final in which Villa gave as good as we took and but for a poor ref’s decision, and a superb header from the most in form and probably best England International we have we might have done it.

Its a well used phrase on here by certain lobbyists that we are progressing, that O’Neill is taking us forward and despite the loss, which most fans in their heart of hearts expected, Villa reached a Wembley final and competed for most of the game with the best. I was well peed off too, especially after watching the England Ireland game before hand, but Villa put themselves on the map, we competed with Utd with a young up and coming side who are learning with each game.

For those moaning, get a grip will ya, come Sunday we are up against Reading on their own park, and again those competing with us for the top 4 spot get another chance to get 3 more points ahead. Save your whinging for when it counts.

I’ve been to Wembley and seen worse, but each time we moved on. Not only on but upwards. Lets hope we do so again.