Date: 5th September 2009 at 5:11pm
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Following a comment from GK in our General Thread: Click Here

Attendance at games: Attendance now, according to a poster, is a result of ‘poor management.’ That is an interesting view in my opinion. We have a management that has invested heavily in the infrastructure to make visiting Villa Park a welcoming experience. We have a management that has invested heavily in communicating with the Fans and providing them an opportunity to meet with management and make suggestions, comments, etc. (the SCG). We have management that has kept the ticket prices at Villa Park low…perhaps the lowest in the Premiership. We have management that has provided packages and incentives to encourage fans to come to Villa Park. We have an owner who has certainly provided funding for players…certainly more than the previous owner by a long shot. We have a Squad that won the Peace Cup (yes, this was friendly competition but it was competition none the less), have beaten Liverpool, have purchased some quality players during the current window (I am shocked that people question the capability of those we have brought in) and we continue to see a Bright Future. So where has management gone wrong??? There are many reasons why fans come to Villa Park…and many reasons why they don’t come. I honestly believe I have been on these threads long enough to FULLY understand the reasons why they may not come. It was the Fans who made the decision not to come to the RV game. We, the management, offered them a very strong value proposition and some didn’t take us up on it. Obviously the economy has an impact but the RV game should not have been impacted by the economy because the value proposition was there. Soooo, was it Wigan? Was it last season? Was it the transfer window? Only the Fans know. What I will say is very simple and very clear…we cannot have a football club without Fans. The Club needs Fans to survive and Fans need to understand that fact. Staying away from Villa Park because you are upset with someone is the surest way to cut off your nose to spite your face.

voiceoftheholte has had his say… a rallying cry to those who are waiting for success maybe? Maybe get down there before success comes and shout the lads on?

‘I know that I constantly go on about support. In my opinion the attendances against Wigan Vienna and Fulham have been a disgrace. So that is not a knock against those that attended (although the atmosphere created was poor and the thousands turning their backs on the team 5 minutes before the final whistle should be ashamed of their actions), I find it refreshing to hear somebody in the club questioning the commitment of the fans.

The club have bent over backwards to do everything possible and still there permeates an air of negativity and a reluctance for people to put their money where their mouth is. When Randy took over attendances increased slightly and were at higher levels than since God was a dog.

But still we had games where there were thousands of empty seats. And the consensus was lets see how the team do . . . . . lets see how much money is spent . . . . . . blah blah.

Well the team have performed (although the last 3 months of the season were disappointing), money has been wisely (with some notable exceptions) invested both on and off the pitch. Everything we have wanted within reason has been done. And still we refuse to back Randy and his regime in sufficient numbers. This is not acceptable and if you are reading this and you are one of those happy to spout their views but not happy to pay your dough, then hang your head in shame.

Forget that other than the last three months of the season, we have had some wonderfully entertaining football, played by a generation of generally young English talent (and some brilliant foreign additions such as Carew, Laursen, Petrov etc) remember the other things that have happened ie: Acorns, Bodymoor Heath, Nike are now partners and suppliers, The Holte Pub, the logo, the New Holte Suite, the brilliantly improved Trinity Road, a new club shop in the City Centre, away fans now in the corner and Villa behind both goals, the free travel to Chelsea for all supporters, the European Cup anniversary weekend against Sheffield United (bought tears to my eyes) the scarves, the flags, the great ticket prices in comparison to most other clubs, the supporters forums where many of the things fans have wanted they have got and not least General Krulak for being so patient with many of the muppets that have wasted his time.

I could go on and tell of a personal story where GK arranged thousands of £££’s worth of hospitality for a terminally ill friend. But that is not the point. We are finally a proper football club. We have something that we can be proud of. We are progressing on the pitch. Some may not be totally happy with the manager and his player selections (but that will always be the case. Manure have just won the league but the fans are still criticising Nani, Evans, Fletcher and Anderson amongst others).

So MON is never going to please everybody. But that doesn’t matter. There is now absolutely no reason for VP not to be full every game. There are fans who still cannot afford it. There are still fans who live too far away to come every game. Some can’t make games on certain days. But this is the same for every fan of every club in every league.

For two years only 5 clubs have been better than us. Unfortunately there are too many fans who can afford to come, who live within reasonable distance of VP, who simply can’t be arsed. And until that changes I feel our support is going to be Randy’s biggest disappointment and the reason why future investment (like the ground expansion) will be withheld. And who can blame him? A club is it’s fans and we are simply not standing up and being counted at the moment and it may come back and haunt us. Then the real fans will have something to moan at.’