Date: 18th July 2006 at 3:02pm
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Villa Fans Combined and Aston Villa Shareholders Association once again plead with Doug Ellis to leave Aston Villa.

The club has been brought to its knees and no matter how much he tries to deflect the blame onto the manager or players, the one common denominator in the years of mediocrity and failure is Mr Ellis himself.

‘Doug, your time is up, the fans and shareholders have had enough and in order not to face mass protests and disruption next season, you must leave for the good of the club.’

‘The board of Aston Villa have failed to control Mr Ellis and should hang their heads in shame, in any other business these people would have been sacked a long time ago, now we call on Mr Ellis and the board to take the correct actions or face the consequences.’

‘The AGM is usually a lively affair and the last agm we were once again mislead, especially in regards to the finances for Bodymoor that they claimed had been ‘ringfenced’. We will not put up with another season of failure and lies and will organise mass protests for the AGM if this current board remain to illustrate that fans and shareholders alike are not prepared to put up with the laughing stock they are turning our once mighty club into.’

‘Mr Ellis, for the good of Aston Villa and for the good of his health, must go and he must go now, if not he will face the wrath of the fans for the entirety of next season and the splits within the club will continue to widen’.

‘We salute the players who have stood up for the club and agree with every word of the statement they issued. We aren’t interested whether the statement was from one player or all the players, their words echoed what the fans, former players and managers have said for years’

‘Now Mr Ellis has to listen to reasonable offers and stop hiding behind an unrealistic valuation of Villa. Now is the time for a clean sweep, if not Villa face a long hard season and will once again fight relegation’.

‘We call on Mr Ellis to show some dignity and step down as chairman with immediate effect’.

‘There has never been a better time for the rumoured consortiums to come forward, the groundswell of good will a well thought out approach would bring shouldn’t be underestimated, they’ll certainly be guaranteed an unprecedented rush for season tickets and see Villa Park sold out throughout the season. The fans are waiting for someone to restore Aston Villa to it’s rightful place amongst the elite of Europe.’


19 Replies to “Go Doug – Or Face Mayhem (VFC)”

  • Ellis has still got the Birmingham Mail in his pocket as anyone who’s read Bill Howell’s latest “article” can see. Howell didn’t even mention that the players had asked to see Ellis. Let’s get him out of Villa Park too.

  • I will re iterate what i said some time back. If Doug is a true villa fan why is he looking to sell Villa and take money from the sale. A true Villa fan at his age and with his financial security would surely leave the money to the club to be invested in

  • I doubt Doug reads sites like this one so its up to us to make sure he knows how were feeling. We need a rally.

  • He might be forced to listen if the shareholders, players, fans and manager all make enough noise, lets hope the mayhem at present leads to his exit, if not Villa will be playing in the Championship next season.

  • Brilliant statement, however it will make no difference. When is the agm? and how can we organise the large protest you talk about? I feel so strong about “Ellis out” that I will travel from Dublin, if it helps.

  • It will make a difference, you have to keep the pressure up, or do we all just sit down and meekly watch what is going on happen? We should all be shouting as loud as we can that we will no longer put up with it?

  • That’s the whole point…the Fear is spot on. We have to take advantage now of the momentum and media interest that this statement has created and use it to our advantage. The players have given us the perfect platform to push on and get some serious medi

  • Forget the next AGM…what about next week…whens he next back in his office. Dont let him ride it out.

  • Looks at though we have got the fire in our bellies, I think VFC and AVSA could whip up a meeting/ march/ show of support to get behind this momentum. Even if we could get only 3000 fans I am sure the national media would show up for that. Come on Fear,

  • lol, eltoro! AGM will be September, usually a Friday morning at around 10.30. Set at that time to put off people as they have work. Once date is set we’ll make sure it is as public as possible.

  • Write to other websites – football365, team talk,606, newspaper sites. They are full of anti Ellis supporters and if we keep it going even lazy arsed national newspapers might notice. The Birmingham Mail won’t though.

  • It’s so true. Villa needs a clean sweep, big time, and has done for a number of years. Sadly though, I think there will be a difference between what Mr Ellis wants to sell the club for, and what any potential buyer wants to pay for the club. Hope not thou

  • By the time the AGM comes about a great deal of time will have passed, I have no experience of organising protests or the such but would be only too pleased to attend one at VP or Bodymoor or anywhere, but it neefds to be big with Sky cameras etc. (All th

  • It will be interesting to see what happens when Doug meets the players, if they come out with their tails between their legs or worse with old man Doug on their shoulders, I think any change will have to come from within.

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