Date: 5th October 2018 at 7:00am
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News of Steve Bruce’s departure from Aston Villa this week has taken a few twists and turns in the press as the old pal’s act comes fully into force about us nasty Aston Villa fans.

Even our owners are coming in for stick for some quarters and whilst you fully expect Bruce’s friend’s in the game to rally to his cause, a bit of intelligent homework would probably be wise before they take to social media and prove that are part of the ‘mad few’ rather than one of the enlightened ones.

A case in point:

Ps – it’s ‘haven’t’.

It did lead to an interesting conversation though as opposition fans piped up given their superior knowledge about our club. Kirkland’s best decision was probably in quickly ducking out of the debate.

I’ve included a few more reactions than I normally would as I think they all deserve airtime for varying reasons, at no point in what I scanned did a Villa fan mention Birmingham as a negative, as you’ll see for yourselves, it was all about development, tactics, players out of position, the run of results we are again on with plummeting form and so on.

That won’t change the narrative in the old pal’s act routine we’ll see for the next few weeks but nonsense like this deserves to be shut down as in many ways it’s actually an insult to Bruce himself because it gets in the way of valid criticisms, but also the very valid praise he continues to receive for the job he did.

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4 Replies to “Goalkeepers With Glass Gloves Should Be Careful About Throwing Their Toys”

  • Agree with all , Steve Bruce is a good manager but he lost his way at Villa, there was no variation and performances have got dire, something had to give and for all concerned it was the best outcome.
    Some ex players and pundits are saying get people who know Villa involved in manager selection, disagree , it’s time all ex players ex managers are told ‘thanks but no thanks’
    We need a complete new model and platform at B6 , we have been like a retirement home , players who have seen better days , the broken youth system , our youth team players don’t seem to be able to transition from outstanding youth players to 1st team players probably because they aren’t given the chance.
    The new owners need to aim high with this appointment, no Allardyce, Moyes or McCarthy , I think they will of done there due diligence and wheels will be turning in the background.
    Time for a complete change in philosophy and attitude at B6 and I think our new owners will deliver.

  • A definite no to all the old has beens. Our new CEO will surprise us I think and go for something new where we finally get to see attacking attractive football which to be honest Bruce couldn’t provide. Think back to last season when we stuffed Wolves 4-1 at home and then played 3 teams near the relegation zone and lost them all. Those 9 points could have secured us automatic promotion and that has be

  • (Sorry pressed wrong button too soon)
    been our problem – consistency. We owe Bruce a lot but we need to move on now. Did anyone really think Bruce would get us promotion? Onwards and upwards my friends for we are the mighty Aston Villa.

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