Date: 10th June 2018 at 5:16pm
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So God has finally intervened with regards to the terrible situation that our beloved Aston Villa finds itself in.

Someone the other day, on Twitter, questioned the existence of God, I answered: “of course he exists, I’ve seen him play!”

So, Paul McGrath, today tweeted demanding some communication from our currently silent club as to the mess they’ve seemingly got themselves into.

As you can see, he calls for ‘respect’ and says it really is ‘simple as’…. communicate.

I agree.

But I only want communication when they have something to communicate, not Xia’s ridiculous tweets. In fact, personally, the only communication I’d like to see now from the owner is, similar to what Randy did, ‘I tried, I failed, I’m handing this club on’.

It is a disgrace the mess we are in. I’m shocked that there are so many fans still sticking up for him in fact. Do they not realise he gambled, he lost and now a lot of good, honest, hard working and normal staff are in fear of their jobs and further redundancies, as well as sales of some key players to try to get halfway out of this mess, will ensue?

All round good guy, DJ and Villa fan Declan Pierce , who is one of the blessed, because he knows Paul personally tweeted in response:

A Villa mad Rev agrees with Paul McGrath, as do others….

And I agree with this, far too many fans were hoodwinked, and those who dared question the goings on got quickly shouted down! Seemed to me, because he did a few tweets, he was ok. Hmmm.

We can but hope this week brings some clarity, some communication and more than anything, a clear vision of what we are going to do in the short term. The staff, including some of the board members, deserve to know if they have jobs for a start.  Then there is the question of how on earth are we meant to prepare for the new season?

Good grief I hope there is yet another saviour out there willing to come in and sort this mess out, this time properly and with honesty. None of the ‘top of Europe in five years nonsense’ thank you very much.

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