Date: 18th May 2009 at 1:02pm
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Oooh Ahhh, Paul McGrath told the Sunday Mercury that Martin Laursen was at least as good as he was, ‘if not better’.

Paul ‘God’ McGrath, who also suffered greatly from knee problems, told the paper:

‘I think I’d put him a little bit above me. And that’s not me trying to be modest. I never scored the amount of goals that he’s scored so that’s where I fall down a little bit against him because I didn’t score enough goals. Defensive-wise we were pretty similar really to be honest. We were both good in the air. I’m going to be a bit cheeky here and say I might have had a bit more pace than him in my younger years. But where he was better than me was his goalscoring and his leadership.’

He also admits he wasn’t bossy or vocal as a player just concentrating on keeping his ‘corner of the street clean.’

He also admits he finished later than he was advised to and suffers the consequences now saying it does get to the point when it is ‘bone on bone’ as the cartilage wears out!

‘If Martin has decided that he’s worried about how his knees will feel for the rest of his life then that’s probably a sensible thing. I probably should have been a bit more like that myself, but I was so desperate to play that I just carried on putting my body through it. I can’t pretend I can’t feel it now and I’m 50 at the end of the year. If I go to the cinema or sit down for any length of time whenever I get back up it takes me about 10 seconds to learn how to walk again!’

Adding, as the true Villa man he was, ‘But every single minute of every single match that I played for Villa was worth it, because it’s a great life at a great club with great supporters.’

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7 Replies to “God Says Laursen Was Better Than Him!”

  • Would anyone ever score against us with a Laursen / Mcgrath centre half pairing? Mellberg and Ugo for cover… we can but dream!

  • I have enormous respect for Martin Laursen. He’s a fine man and gave tremendous service to Villa. The way he overcame his injuries was certainly inspirational, and the manner in which he played, never shirking a challenge, was even more impressive given his susceptibility to injury. But better than McGrath? No. There isn’t a defender in the world at this time who holds a candle to God. Cannavaro came the closest to measuring up to McGrath since his retirement, but even he falls short.

  • Will McGrath be there on Sunday? If so, its your round m’lord, its YOUR round!!!

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