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Good Luck To A Former Villan – And Stay Away From The Hair Extensions


Phew! I looked at this tweet without my glasses on and thought Andre had new hair extensions. Turns out it is the back of the seat he’s sitting on. I really do need help don’t I?! Actually, don’t answer that.

And I couldn’t have put this better myself

Injury after injury set back a very promising career. I honestly thought when he first burst onto the scene, he might prove to be our best youth product, bearing in mind Jack Grealish was also pushing through, that is high praise. But due to the constant niggles and breaks due to injury, it just wasn’t to be for us.

Soccer Football – FA Cup Third Round – Aston Villa vs Peterborough United – Villa Park, Birmingham, Britain – January 6, 2018 Aston Villa’s Andre Green in action with Peterborough United’s Marcus Maddison Action Images/John Clifton

I said in May 2017: “The least hyped of our ‘kids’ and I think he’ll end up the best we’ve produced. Very exciting.”

He does have the ability though, and if he can put the injuries to the back of his mind and remember the player he is, he’ll do just fine. I have everything crossed for him, he could re-build and have a very successful career, after all, he is still only 22-years-old.

He is now at Sheffield Wednesday and said on signing for them: “New home, new challenge.”

I’m just surprised it has taken so long for a club to snap him up on a free to be honest.

Good luck Andre. And stay away from hair extensions!

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