Date: 31st August 2018 at 6:45pm
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Earlier this afternoon Aston Villa confirmed that centre-half Tommy Elphick had made his loan move out to Hull City.

Speculation earlier in the day suggested Hull had stolen a march on others like Queens Park Rangers for his services, and in his pre-game press conference manager Steve Bruce confirmed that something was likely to happen for the 30-year-old who for some reason just did not feature in his plans, and that has now come to pass.

His opportunities have always been limited with us for varying reasons and it’s fair to say the fan base is split on him – he must be a better option than Mile Jedinak in the heart of the defence, but equally, he’s shown himself to be steady at points but he’s never really wowed.

The loan move is in the best interests of everyone though as if his face doesn’t fit for Bruce then it’s pointless having him sit around, and for a variety of reasons, it’s better for us that he gets back out on the pitch and hopefully impresses and comes back into our plan – or alternatively – simply sees his stock rise for transfer purposes in January or next summer as we continue to look at balancing the books after spending in recent seasons.

I think that suitably covers all the possible reactions to this news.

I’d be off for a lie down if I could!

Somebody has to be incoming, even if you factor in Axel Tuanzebe and James Bree stepping up, or maybe it’s Jacob Bedeau’s time to shine but nothing has indicated that so far?


24 Replies to “Good Luck Tommy – Enjoy Yourself At Hull, It’s Probably Best For Everyone”

  • SB is an idiot. A ‘nice guy’ idiot, an honest idiot, but, in modern football terms an idiot. The reason we are seeing that more this season is that Steve Round is no longer around to correct some of SB’s stupid decisions. How can he send out a CB ( not to mention Suliman already gone ) on loan with no cover ? OK, Elphick was not perfect but still better at CB than Jedinak. Now what happens when Chester gets injured ??
    You say Mike ” in the best interests of all ” – not in the best interests of AVFC in my opinion.

    • He wasn’t going to play so our interest is in getting him off the wage bill for FFP – with that said, it’s a mind boggling decision with no defender coming in.

  • Sells Baker, loans out Elphick, loses Terry and replaces all 3 with Jedinak, he really is f-kin clown…well done Steve.

  • As you know Mike the impact on Elphick’s wages on fop is only 4 months so not really significant.
    You say ” mind boggling ” which is true, but after a lot of thought my conclusion is it is just plain stupid.

    • Irrelevant, it counts – that’s the bottom line. He’s not going to play short of the plague running through Aston, which I’m sure you agree with, so it serves a purpose. Bruce has, wrongly I feel, made his mind up so where we can make savings – however short – it serves a greater purpose.

    • I was wondering lol but I’d worked out fop so got confused! It’s funny how easily it’s done – the typos JF pulls me on that I’ve completely missed even after checking are pathetic. Then again I throw the same back at him and then it’s funny!

  • Well, Bruce has had the backing (again), had opportunity to bring in far more talent than his peers can, yet he has ended up with the same lop-sided squad. He has attracted some talent, but off-set that with alienating more players in the process.

    Did we really need two new goalies? Did we really need two fresh wingers?

    No one has permanently moved on, yet plenty know Bruce has effectively written them off.

    As for centre backs, I can only see Bruce turning to Chester, Jedinak, Tuanzebe and probably Bree. Hutton would be next in line because he just won’t trust Bedeau.

    If he cannot make a decent attempt at promotion with all the options and chances afforded him, he needs a a good size 10 kicking him into touch. That said, he will be bemoaning his lack of luck I’m sure. I can almost hear the soundbites now ‘well, I’m really ten players short of what I need. It’s going to be a slow process turning this big big football club around. I am the best person to get this big football club back into the big league’….. ya di ya di ya…………

    • The only thing I can quibble with Tony is opportunity and means as you imply – people seem to forget FFP and it hasn’t gone away. We’ve actually done more business than I thought we would, even though it’s not enough. But even as a so called Bruce lover, I’m baffled. If he hasn’t got a free agent centre-half lined up that we’d welcome – Elphick ends him I think, whether that’s fair or not. I’ve said before this season is purely on his head factoring in everything most don’t when they bitch on social media out of fairness because he’s a damn good bloke – but unless there’s something we don’t know – the Elphick decision comes back to bite him in my humble.

      • Have to agree Mike, I don’t think we’ve got over the sale of baker, but loaning out Elphick is plain crazy when you look at the squad, I mean what’s the guy done? As he made eyes at Bruce’s wife (kept it clean there) 🙂

        • Baker was a mistake. Okay he hasn’t gone on to Cahill but few ever will. From what I can tell he’s loved by his new fans because he does what he says on the tin – everything he can offer and like McGrath – his mistakes are phenomenal lol Elphick going and nobody incoming I have to question Bruce and the board – the caveat it Bree or a free transfer? As somebody who believes Bruce deserves the clean sheet of this season for all the reasons I’ve explained in articles previously – he’s testing me.

  • Backed Bruce even after that woeful Wembley fiasco.
    Sadly he just keeps shooting himself in the foot.
    Can’t work out the logic of making us so weak in defence but over the top but exciting upfront.
    I guess we are going to have to win big as the defence isn’t going to take us up.

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