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Good Old Villa, We Manage To Provide More Questions Than Answers With A Pathetic Showing – Match Stats


With three straight defeats in the Premier League and only one win in our last five matches, Aston villa no longer have the distraction of the EFL Cup Final following our defeat to Manchester City and this evening’s clash with Leicester City at the King Power Stadium was going to be another key, albeit difficult clash, in our battle for survival.

John McMeatball expectedly didn’t make the game, with most fans looking at Chelsea for his injury return, so head coach Dean Smith did select the squad I think many would’ve prefered to see – but that doesn’t necessarily mean the one they’d have liked to have seen.

And it was all too predictable – survival was in our hands with the games in hand, but it seems against Leicester, nobody had told the players as that wasn’t even an after the Lord’s Mayor Show, few wouldn’t describe as our absolute worst of the season.

Positive or negative as a fan this year…everyone who played an active part in that shambles should be donating their wages to Acorns.

I’m not even going to blame the absolutely Donald Trump VAR moment for the penalty – that would distract from how bad we actually were.

So, Chelsea next. A win still moves us out of the drop zone, but given relative form, it takes a brave fan to bet on that one as every positive we could take out of the City clash, evaporated and quickly.

Everyone will have questions tonight.

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Heart Break For Villa, But No Embarrassment – Match Stats

Leicester City
4 – 0
Aston Villa

King Power Stadium

Premier League

9/03/2020 9:00 pm

Attendance: 32125

Referee: Oliver

Leicester City Aston Villa
Barnes (40, 85), Vardy (pen 63, 79)
Schmeichel Reina
Ricardo Pereira Guilbert
Soyuncu Mings
Justin Targett
Ndidi 83 Douglas Luiz
Albrighton Nakamba
76 Hourihane
Maddison Elmohamady 63
Barnes Samatta
Iheanacho 59 Grealish


Morgan Taylor
Tielemans 76 Drinkwater
Vardy 59 Konsa
Ward Trezeguet
Perez El Ghazi 63
Mendy 83 Nyland
Fuchs Davis 67

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 4
7 On Target 1
9 Corners 0
15 Fouls 12
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

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  • Ando says:

    Definitely the most unfit and slowest team in the Premier – what the hell do they do in training ? I suspect that Smith might be bit in awe of Terry given his achievements in the Premier and probably lets him and subsequently the squad, just slack off!

  • Pete D says:

    Just sat through yet another miserable, depressing 90 minutes of 11 men imitating a football team.
    Last year Villa claimed a playoff spot on the back of 10 successive wins. This season it looks as if they will be heading in the opposite direction on the back of 10 ( or more ) successive defeats
    Grealish looks as if the effort of carrying the team has finally worn him down. He looks and plays like someone who has had enough and knows that he is on his way. Mings continually plays as if it is a friendly kick around in the park. The midfield is non-existent. Samatta is finding out what it is like to play on your own chasing lost causes (people will have more sympathy for Wesley now). There is no spirit, no fight, and no determination. It was a shocking performance – how many times have we said that?
    The team can’t defend a corner or free-kick to save their lives. Zonal marking has Mings standing, rooted to the spot in the centre of the six-yard box whilst Elmo marks Evans, no one seems to mark Soyuncu and they pair of them take it in turns to spurn clear cut opportunities from just about every corner. It is just ridiculous. It is not working yet we persist with it.
    There is a total lack of organisation, which is the very least we should expect and the easiest thing for a manager to develop as it does not require great skill on the part of the players. They just need to know where to be and where to go and what to do when the opposition has the ball. Villa players patently do not know any of these things.
    Like most Villa fans I had the romantic notion that it was great to have a manager who was a fan, but he has to do a job and at the moment he is failing badly. I desperately want him to succeed but it just is not going to happen.
    We will be in the championship again next year, shorn of our best players and having to start all over again.
    I am not looking forward to it.
    As I said it was depressing and I needed to vent.

  • GRAHAM CANE says:


  • Bigdaz says:

    Been saying it all season ,and now the chickens have come home to roost ,venting wont make it anymore acceptable ,the repeating of smiths comments on getting better at erradicating errors seems to be a 28 game scratch on record that just wont go away .to get better at something means to work on it until it becomes second nature ,to me it looks like we dont actually work on Fixing our poor defensive record ,we just go along with it and accept the failings ,but its okay because weve got jack ,as long as hes our man we’ll be okay ,poor bastard must be worn out .
    If i say smith out some of you will be up in arms ready to chase down the monster who wants smith out ,( i am not an monster ) but results and progress are neither improving or fourthcominging ,the way the team capitulated today was nasty and it very damaging to any survival hopes we have .you might not like it but a fresh look like is needed .i start talks with pochatino now or whoever the club might wish to chose because smith is caught in a never ending cycle of repeating the same mistakes ,maybe sacking him wont make a difference but something has to change because time is running out .

  • Virginia Villa says:

    I’m normally a better days ahead optimist about the Villa. I expected and could have accepted a loss, but not a 4-0 drubbing. Just a collapse. At this point I’ve given up hope that we stay up. I just don’t see how with the lack of consistency and the painfully growing goal differential. If we go down – and as a result – lose our few PL quality players, enough is enough. Nothing about the first team that’s left would be worth saving. Level it, including the coaching staff. Have Bodymoor exorcized and start from scratch. I will continue to follow every single Villa game, but at this point it’s mostly a matter of pure loyalty and misery loves company.

  • Andy5759 says:

    I don’t get to watch my beloved Villa that often, tonight I did. I really wish that I hadn’t. At no point during the game did I see a shape, be it defensive or attacking. I haven’t seen a Premiership team play so poorly since we went down last time. I thought that would be the last time. Looks like we’re going to do it again with a better squad. Pitiful.

  • Marc says:

    Said it weeks ago. Fire Smith and John Terry as they have done nothing to sort out the defensive woes of this poor club. It is clear that they are both out of their depths, and the players have stopped caring nor are they playing for the club or the badge. Grealish will soon be gone (in fact he has already left) and I do not blame him one bit. As for the rest of the team, it makes no difference who stays and who goes. They are all rubbish and deserve to be playing Championship football. I feel sorry for the owners who have spent so much to get us back into the Premiership, only to go down again with a mediocre team and management. I would fire them all come end of season!

  • Paul says:

    This has to be one of the poorest villa teams i have watched in 51 yrs of supporting them
    Earlier in the season i exspected smith and big time charley terry to be sacked but our naive owners give smith an extended contract which reminds me of the one they give agbonlahor, what had they done to deserve them.
    We wre lucky to get up at the start of the season there were plenty of managers about with the ability to do well
    Smith and villa will have the enbarresment of seeing bruce take newcastle to safety who were under us watford and everton who changed managers and wba and brentford will swap with us. Get in sam now till end season
    We will

  • iwti82 says:

    Over the years I have come to believe that supporting the Villa is not so much about winning and loosing but degrees of suffering. Last night I found a level beyond anger the abject lack of effort and skill caused me to feel indifferent about about the collective future of the squad. Much as it hurts I feel a return to the Championship with a root and breach clearance may be the only way forward. FFP controls our future staying up imo is not a viable financial option. If we do pull off a miraculous survival trick we need to replace a lot of players. I believe going down, bringing on the “lads” will help us build the exciting dynamic footballing team that all Villa supporters want and crave….UTV

  • J P Fear says:

    Just four touches in their box according to Sky. So sad.

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