Date: 11th September 2007 at 10:37am
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Good On You Stan! Positive talk from Stiliyan Petrov, nice to see.

The Bulgarian international midfielder, who has been woefully off form since his move to the Premiership has said ‘You won’t find any complaints from me’ having been dropped, instead he says he will get his head down and work hard to get back into the team.

Fighting talk, that’s what we want!

‘We have 23 players and we will all play our part for Villa. I’ve never taken my place for granted nor expected to have a guaranteed place in the team. I don’t expect any special treatment just because I’ve cost the club big money. Look at Shaun Maloney – he scored twice against Wrexham and played brilliantly and he was only named substitute against Chelsea. Craig Gardner too was unlucky as he has played really well this season and found himself out of the team.’

Adding on the official site, ‘I will always fight for my place in the team – that’s what I do in training every day and that’s what we’re all doing….I’m not one to go banging on his door and I will not make any trouble. The manager knows what myself and all the other players can really do.’

He says he ‘won’t go moaning to the boss just because I’ve been dropped’ adding ‘We know that sometimes we will through hard times but at the end of the day it’s about enjoying it and I’m enjoying it.’

Lets hope he eventually finds his feet, old cliche or not, a fit and in form Petrov, something we’ve seen rarely since his move from Celtic, would be like having a new player! Come on Stan!


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  • at lease his got balls. unlike Maloney… I’d like to see him stay, but if he’s gunna be such a big cry baby then he can **** off back too the country thats freezing 24/7 and full of gingers if he likes…..

    I dont want players at VP who are cry babies. I want players with passion, balls and would jump through burning hoops for Martin O’Neill and the fans because thats the feist/balls/determination I see on the face and on the pitch from Gabi, Laursen, Barry, Mellberg, Moore, Young, Reo-Coker and Gardner!

  • He’s certainly an enigma is Mr. Petrov. He has shown flashes of what he is capable of and at least he seems to be up for a challenge. Maybe a spell in the reserves will boost his confidence up a bit and he’ll come roaring back. Take note Maloney!!

  • up the villa stan, fair play to you. that is how you endeer yourself to the fans. honest hard work and graft, also showing how commited you are to the cause.

  • We mant MORE a lot MORE for Maloney than what we paid. £3.5 million at least. He is a good player,I really don’t want him to go, but if he doesn’t want to play for us then he can **** off. We should then look to get Giles Barnes as a replacement, because we do need cover for Ashley and a skillfull and creative alternative on the bench. Well done to Petrov. I may be in the minority, but I think he can play, and although disappointing, hasn’t been as bad as some fans make out.

  • Good to see some possitive points from AVFC48 for a change. He should try more often. I like Petrov and always have! I remember the debut at west ham, it was inspired stuff!! if he can rekindle that form he will be a tremendous player for us. form dips but quality never goes. he’ll be back i have no doubt. As for Sorenson he should keep his mouth shut and play for his place, I dont remember him having too much to say when he was making blunders last season and before. Because he was almost guarenteed his place. Now he dont like being under pressure that speaks volumes for me. Get rid!! Then theres Malony if hes gonna whinge all the time he can carry Sorenses bag out of BH. We dont need players like them around the place. We’re well rid of them. I think if our squad was bigger they would be out on loan by now . .

  • I think Sorenson is good enough to stay in the Premiership but he’ll go to someone like the dildo salesmen…or maybe derby. Some **** anyway!! He’s not good enough for any of the top half teams and shoudl realise that himself!!

  • As for Petrov i really do believe we may start seeing the best from him after Xmas once he’s got his head down and really started working!! The boy has got some skills but he just needs to show us fans exactly what he can do on the field as well as off of it in order to win us over!!

  • Keep working hard Stan – and we’ll keep the faith we have in you. Less talk, more action, but it’s good to show your fellow professional’s (Tommy S) how they should be conducting themselves in the media.

  • I have always said that he can never be faulted for effort. Players lose form ….. it happens! All we ask is that they try their hardest to rediscover it without throwing their toys out of the pram. Well done Stan. The harder you work….. the luckier you will get. I for one really hope that you get back on track.

  • Of course he can be faulted for effort all he does he walk around the pitch thats why hes been dropped. Untill he shows what hes capable of im glad hes been dropped

  • It’s got nothing to do with how much of the pitch you cover, it’s what you do whilst covering every inch of the pitch. i could spend 90Mins running around pointing and doing f-all and cover twice as much ground as Barry, but it still don’t mean i’m better than Barry. I’ve slated Stan recently but I’ve decided to chill out and let the football do the talking, if we are still discussing this by Jan surley he will never make it in the prem, and it’s time to cut our losses £8m of them. Stan i back you till Jan, prove me wrong and i’ll love you ever more.

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