Date: 27th November 2006 at 6:31pm
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Aston Villa have issued the following statement confirming the club has now been de-listed and is no longer a PLC.

In order to clarify the position following the recent takeover we would advise as follows:

Shareholders in the former Aston Villa plc should be aware that on 17 October 2006 Aston Villa PLC was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange and on 13 November 2006 the Company was re-registered as a private limited company in the name of Aston Villa Limited. The sole shareholder of Aston Villa Limited is Reform Acquisitions Limited.

For the avoidance of doubt this means that the rights attached to shares in the former Aston Villa plc (i.e., the right to vote and attend meetings of the company) no longer exist.


5 Replies to “Goodbye Aston Villa PLC”

  • I remeber when Roman bought all our shares, still got my cheque – never cashed it and got a really nice certificate from Citi Bank!

  • A historic statement, relating to a momentous happening in the history of this truly great football club.

  • Cashed the my cheque. Booked a ski ing holiday and put the embossed certificate in a frame on the wall. Still wish I was a shareholder though. UTV

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