Date: 1st February 2008 at 8:50am
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Got a wire coathanger as an aerial on your car? Nope nor me so life can’t be that bad. I have to admit these last few days have been tiresome, the abuse directed at the manager who currently has us 5th in the league has been unbelievable.

OK so he has not spent millions and millions in the transfer market but there may be a reason for that.

Maybe we as supporters should ask the question as to why MON has only brought one player into the club and let another leave during this transfer window. He obviously feels (despite what we may think) he has enough in the squad to allow him to complete the season on a competitive footing with the clubs currently around us. The team are playing with confidence, some would argue it is not always pretty to watch but it is proving effective. Looking at the season so far with the player we have some would argue Villa are punching above their weight, bollocks what are Man City and Everton doing after last seasons disappointments. If you look on their sites you will find the same moans about the lack of transfer window activity.

Man City were going to pay £9,000,000 yep 9 million quid on a 30 year old striker even though they are having a great season. Would I be happy to see Villa blow that type of money on a last minute panic? No I would not.

People will question the ambition of the club and Chairman, rightly ask questions about the millions of pounds in the war chest to return Villa to the top flight. Where is the money? Its where MON wants it I suspect, in the bank. Buying players in the January transfer window is no guarantee of Villa finishing in a European spot, not buying players means MON is happy with what he has and will be happy to see the next 13 games through with the thin squad. I will say I do wish he would stop bleating about a thin squad as he has the power to sort this out and has chosen not to do so.

Would we have settled for 5th right now? Too bloody right we would have, would we have settled for pole position for a European place? Too bloody right we would. We have been lucky this season with Injuries, its rumoured 31-01-2008 that John Carew sustained an Injury on the training ground, its not the first time he has been injured this season and I dare say it wont be the last, MON will just have to manage it like every other manager who is bound by the transfer window.

Gentlemen and Ladies its time to stop pissing tears into your hankies and get behind the manager and his management style.

I have even seen threads stating he is trying to emulate Cloughies style of management, do me a favour and don’t Insult the memory of one of the greatest Footballers and Managers in English football. Cloughie was a one off and not even Martin O’Neill would try to emulate his mentor, it would be a brave man who would suggest it to him. (don’t look at Cloughies dealing in the transfer market)

Not blind faith or belief that MON is the greatest thing since sliced bread but so far he has done enough to show me he knows what HE wants from the players HE has and how to bring results out of them.

Give the bloke a break and watch what he does and not get pissed off because he does not do what you think he should.


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