Date: 24th June 2009 at 4:51pm
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Former Villa boss Graham Taylor has told Ashley Young and Gabby Agbonlahor that next season they’ll need to up their game.

The duo came first (Young) and runner up (Gabby) in the PFA Young Player Of The Year awards but Graham warns after such a swift rise to prominence, it is possible they could ‘level out’.

Adding, ‘I’m not saying that will definitely be the case but they can level out and defenders become more used to them. They are not as big a surprise to them anymore and they have learned how to play against them. Then they have to improve other aspects of their game to combat that.’

Meanwhile former Villa player Dion Dublin says there is a question mark over the Villa players next season adding that they will have to live up to the pressure brought about by the performances and ‘success’ they enjoyed last season.

‘What I think it boils down to is the players being able to handle the pressure of success. Manchester United have got 20 players used to success, Villa haven’t got any players who are used to success, other than perhaps Stiliyan Petrov. Ashley Young and Gabby Agbonlahor are new into the top flight of football. They haven’t really been used to success.’


9 Replies to “Graham Taylor & Dion Dublin Warnings To Villans”

  • Who cares what those pair of deadbeats have to say, why post this crap ?? What success have they had ??

  • Whether their opinion counts or not, what they said is spot on. They do need to raise their game. They both have a lot to prove still. You can’t prove yourself over the period of 6 months and think “you’ve made it”. Real quality is on display for a life time.

  • Well as a Manager I’d put GT’s Villa times especially first time against O’Neill’s, plus he took a none entity of a side Watford, through the leagues and despite much criticism has still managed England.

  • “Who cares what those pair of deadbeats have to say, why post this crap ?? What success have they had ??” astonmilan, I take it you’re not a Villa fan then, If you were you would appreciate the opinion of these two gentlemen, If you were you would not post that crap, at the end of the day, who the hell are you?

  • From what I understand, If it weren’t for Graham Taylor, Villa would still be in England’s second tier of football. He promoted us, we challenged for the league and laid down the foundations of a decent side. We owe this man big style.

    When Sir Graham talks, I listen.

  • Its not spot on though is it?Young and gabby have had three seasons now in the top flight and have played international football at u21 level and had a taste of the seniors.They are not new it sorry graham sorry dion you are talking bollocks.Soon as we make a few signings and are doing well again it will be all different.

  • Didn’t Graham take England to the 1992 European championship? And isn’t he one of a handful of best and most succesful Villa managers ever? And I guess he was honoured with an OBE for being “crap” ? And didn’t he take Watford from the 4th division to the first in 5 years? But that is a “crap” feat! Then just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, took them from the bottem of the championship to the premier league in two seasons just for fun 2 dacades later? And is that by any chance the same Graham Taylor who took over Villa in the Championship and took them back into the Premier league in one season, and two seasons later they were runners up? I guess not, if you think Graham Taylor is “crap”, we must be talking about different guys!

  • Funny that really, given that Gabby and Ash were passengers for the second half of the season.

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