Date: 24th September 2007 at 12:33pm
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Gabriel Agbonlahor was asked on Sky Sports News about his argument with Marlon Harewood at the end of the win against Everton yesterday.

The scorer of the second goal said: ‘I think just everyone is passionate to just score more goals. It was just a passionate thing from Marlon really, so it’s alright.’

Must admit I was surprised that Gabby didn’t think twice arguing with Harewood, not sure I’d go out of my way to row with him, especially if I was the size of Gabby mind you, he can run fast I guess!

The Villa boss also commented saying that Gabby was trying to play time and go to the corner. Not from my view he wasn’t, he was going for goal himself as all strikers do. Mind you, if he ever does learn to look up and go for better options – ie use a footballers brain – he could become a gem of a player.

Martin O’Neill said: ‘I see it from Gabby’s view because there are two minutes to go and we are 2-0 up. Why give the ball away? That’s what we were taught years ago and if you do that you put yourself under pressure. I can understand the centre-forward’s thinking that he might be in with a chance of a goal, but Gabby made the right decision and things are fine between them.’

Meanwhile Phil Neville, who got between the players to break the argument up also says there is nothing to worry about. ‘Villa had just won 2-0 so I couldn’t understand why they were arguing really. I was in the same hotel as Marlon on holiday in the summer and got to know him quite well. I just pulled him away. It is one of those situations where Marlon is desperate to score and so is the other lad and you then have a bit of a go at each other. It is the sort of thing which happens every day of the week. It is just one of those things.’


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  • to be fair, i think its quite a nice thing to see, it shows both players give a damn to be fair – gabby doing the right thing and keeping the ball, homerwood gagging to score a goal. I remember some matches under oleary and no one wanted the ball!!!!!!!!!

  • They were just having a few words nothing else.I feel sorry for Marlon the guy wants a goal desperatley,hopefully he will get his chance against Tottenham.

  • I was screaming for the ball to be played to Marlon. Gabby was not heading for the corner. But I will take that result all season.

  • If we knew what happens on the training ground every single day of the week, then this little dust-up wouldn’t have rated a mention. A showing of passion, that was all.

  • I hold no brief for Phil Neville Villan444, but fair play to the guy for stepping in on something he could have walked away from. Thanks PN.

  • I agree with Mr Fear, if Gabby can learn to look up and play the better option he will be nearing the “complete” striker. He fluffed it at Newcastle when Nigel was there to make it 1-0.It’s not the end of the world, and as they play more and more he will learn peoples runs.But if that was 1-1…….would be so chilled about it!…Oh No..I’d want to crucify the little ****.But it wasn’t so all is forgiven.

  • Agree with you one love, however, he is doing just great and I am sure the coaching staff will make him look up a bit more. Its easy playing the game from the stands or the telly. One point is that Marlon has not said the row was nothing, wish he would follow everyone else and say things are fine. If he continues to have a go at gabby he will be unpopular.

  • Gabbies untouchable at the moment. He’s used to not having to pass or cross it as no-one can normally keep up with him. Harewood should keep his trap shut, he’s hardly Mr popular with the fans anyway.

  • Just rewatched MOTD, and Gabby could have had a hatrick with the chances.So if he scores more than he fluffs, it will be a better strike rate than most.His song comes across really well…..Gabby, gabby, gabby agbonlahor….he’s fast as *****, he’s fast as *****!!..get in

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