Date: 16th July 2018 at 8:00am
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On Saturday afternoon it was being reported that Stoke City had backed up the earlier speculation this summer surrounding their interest in Welsh international centre-half James Chester by finally launching a firm bid.

Sky Sports were one of a number to report that the Potters had come in with a £5million offer for the 29-year-old’s services in the season of 2018/19.

Now fair enough, both sides reside in the second tier and are gearing up for Championship football following respective relegations in the last few seasons and with our financial position, compared to theirs having only just been relegated, they have Parachute Payments, and we are up poop creak.

It’s understandable why they would try to take advantage of our situation and sign a player that would clearly improve them as they hope to bounce back at the first time of asking. But £5million, when we signed him for £9million, is taking the Tony Pulis and reports suggest the offer has been instantly rebuffed as it should be.

I’m not suggesting we’ll make a profit on him like we should if we’d chosen to sell, but if we don’t break even there’s no point in a sale anyway.

It’s suggested we are holding out for £10million before we bend over and sell the quality player to save Dr Tony Xia’s face and he does become the first player to receive an actual bid, but there are some fans who don’t agree with me and think we’ll take roughly £5million, but plenty more thought break even at least should be on, if not profit regardless of our situation.

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24 Replies to ““Hardly A Battle” “Surely Not” “A Joke” – Some Aston Villa Fans React To Transfer Reports”

  • Just because we overpaid for him does not mean Stoke have to.

    9 million is a bit steep yes he is a good player but 5 million is probably his price we will probably get 7 million for him. And that would be very good for us a loss of 2 million fear loss of 4 million.

    We have overpaid for so many players and it hasn’t paid off we are where we are because of bad management and bad decisions and it’s only going to get worse. None of the players we bought were valued at the price we paid that’s ridiculous some players are even to old and at the end of their careers.

    Chester is not old but he’s had one good season with us. He was no good for West Brom didn’t fit into their team maybe.

    he’s not Premiership material as yet so in no way is he worth 10 million. No one is going to pay 10 million for James Chester.

    He is a good Defender for the championship but that’s the thing you don’t see defenders selling for 10 million in the championship.

    Any team with that money to spend on one player will be looking for an attacking midfielder or striker at that price.

    • Not in this market I don’t think, £10m is more than fair when you look at other deals over the past 12 months given his game time and international experience.

      Chester’s not one I put in he overpaid department. It didn’t work at WBA for him because Tony Pulis decided he was a right back and I don’t think Chester was that shy about letting his annoyance be known. Aden Flint’s just moved for £7/8m after all.

      • WBA sign Kyle Bartley for £7million according to reports. £10million for Chester is more than fair in this market – were we not no badly run, it should be in the region of £15million upwards.

  • Yes £10 mil is a fair price for Chester, but I would prefer to see him stay. If as reported we sell Grealish, Kodjia,
    Jedinak, Whelan, and Chester, there’s very little left and we will be lucky to avoid another drop. We’re just a laughing stock it’s embarrassing for what used to be a great club. The owner , the board, and Bruce are all equally to blame and the Dr is a so called global business man. Which planet are they all on. Bunch of donkeys.

    • No one is going to pay 10 million for a defender that’s had one good season. I can guarantee you he will go for around 7 million top end for the championship. Adam Flynn went for 7 million and he has a longer career ahead of him. Chester is not old but he is 29. A player’s value is not based on what you paid for him a players value is based on the length of contract and what clubs are willing to pay.

        • He improved under Bruce up until then he was just an average Defender. There’s no guarantee that he will keep that form going.

      • Players are like houses only worth what someone will pay, doesn’t matter if you think he is 10, 15 or 20 mil what somone will pay is his price. Grealish the same, many say worth 40 mil but only team seriously interested is Spurs so no competitiion not likely to exceed 20M, and AVFC cannot afford to turn that down.

        • I agree, but market dictates he’s worth a least ten based on other deals already otherwise we’re better of keeping him, anything is Xia making a mockery to save his own face.

          Same as houses, if the average in the street is 100,000 would you accept 50? There’s market value give or take – not 50%

  • Pffft, how many other defenders have gone for 5mill that have been an understudy for Terry..he is class and not under 20mill

    • I feel you have too much faith in John Terry that guy is taking us for 2.4 million quidd enough said.

  • p.s let’s not sell him ..we will need him this season.. help us obi wan’re our only hope !

  • We have to sell we have to clear debt. We was allowed a transition period for two Seasons last season that transition period was removed in that time the club have managed to rock up 75 million in debt. The club needs to raise 40 million to bring it down to acceptable level. The situation is dire too many supporters are living in dream world. We must expect to be fighting relegation next season we have to be realistic, come on.

    • There is no transition period allowed, FFP kicks in over a 3yr period full stop. There’s no wriggle room, you comply or you don’t. We haven’t rocked up £75million in debt in that time either, you’re not factoring in sales just reading the tabloid headlines and even the suggested £40m FFP hole is on the high side when you look at available accounts. I’m being realistic – Flint/Bartley £7million – Chester’s an international £10m. If Xia lets him go for £5m he should never show his face in this country again. PS – £5m does nothing for us, so we might as well not accept in that case and have him on the pitch.

      • I think you’ll find relegated clubs are allowed to make larger losses in their first two seasons following relegation that is the transition period.

        • Nope, to my reading there’s no leeway, it’s a 3yr pattern you have to fit into – FFP wise, the problem we have is falling turnover and loss of Parachute Payment, that’s where the hole has come from, nothing else. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong though.

          The whole idea of the 3yr remit is each three years in total, you have to show compliance or attempted compliance. It applies to all clubs to allow for promotion/relegation or simply staying where you are and not overspending illogically when it can’t be supported on a self-sufficient basis.

          The wriggle room comes from the fact that you’re only allowed £5mil losses, but we bounced it to £13m because Xia was, at the point, funding us – but again that wriggle applies to all clubs.

          • Actually, Ron, as we made the adjustment to Champ FFP from Prem FFP, are you sure you haven’t misremembered the fact Champ FFP moved from 12 months to 3 yrs and thought it was a relegation stipulation?? Not being fun chap, in case I am utterly wrong, you got a link that you are leaning on for thinking Prem clubs get a specific wriggle room?

    • Irrelevant Ali – although I take your point. In this case though lower than £10m does nothing for us. We’re better off keeping him if we can’t get £10m and looking at Elphick/Taylor to maybe scrape £3-4m because we still only the Baggies on his deal. Sell for £10m we aren’t getting £10m anyway. Same as £7m, same as £5m. £10m at least is low fair market value and gives us £6-7m for FFP.

  • Mike, Dr x is in huge trouble. Meaning Aston villa is too. Grealish will go for 20 mil and Chester for 7 mil. We have tax returns this month too. The cash flow problem is biggest problem at moment. We need cash and other vulture clubs know that. I agree he worth 10 but we don’t have time to play a waiting game. Cash is needed asap. Dr x is asset stripping, and will be selling assets on sale price

    • Yes, it’s a total nightmare, some fans I don’t think are aware how bad at the moment, some are still defending Xia. Sad times.

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