Date: 3rd May 2009 at 11:43am
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Vital Villa, in a poll suggested by aussi_avfc, asked:

Who is most likely to leave at the end of the season?

No brainer the winner really, as 46% said Marlon Harewood.

Next up, again with no real surprise, was 27% for Villa skipper Gareth Barry who only has a year left on his current contract.

The rest:

Brad Friedel (8%)
Martin Laursen (4%)
Nigel Reo-Coker (4%)
Zat Knight (2%)
John Carew (2%)
Gabby Agbonlahor (2%)
Nicky Shorey (2%)
Craig Gardner (1%)
Steve Sidwell (1%)
Stuart Taylor (1%)
Luke Young (0%)
Carlos Cuellar (0%)


5 Replies to “Harewood & Barry Most Likely To Leave Villa”

  • Hey Villains! I’m a ManCity fan and I need some education, it seems. Why are you guys all so prepared to accept thet Barry is off to another team next season? Okay, so contracts come to an end. But he is not only your captain, but he’s a guaranteed certainty as an England international player. ANY and that includes all Premiership teams would take him in their first team squad: no questions required. Barry is a top professional. If you guys lose him it would be a travesty. O’Neill should build a team around him. Why are you not shouting about this? There isn’t enough money to replace him, is there?

  • Depends which Barry you mean.

    If you mean the captain who leads by example and gives 100% every game then you might be right but if you mean the one who gives articles to the tabloid press criticising the manager who got him into the England team and who doesn’t track back to defend unless he thinks he’s on telly, then if we get a decent offer we should take it.

    I think it’s actually down to Barry himself. He needs to commit himself publicly or go.

  • I’ve only just looked at this article, and I imagine I’m whislting in the dark, but Sindbad, you are absolutely right, it will be a travesty when Barry leaves. As for your comments Platypus, they are a disgrace. Barry is a close second to Lerner in being the most important individual at the club, because he is not only a fabulous player, but bleeds Claret and Blue. It is a complete myth that O’Neill brought him up to a standard that got him England recognition. He should have been in the England team (not just the squad) for the past ten years. Where was Martin O’Neill ten years ago?? As for being switched into central midfield, I think you’ll find that O’Leary was the one to do that, three years before O’Neill arrived. Barry is an outstanding player, and always has been. That you are a Villa fan and don’t recognise it is an indictment on your judgement. What is staggering is that you are not alone in failing to appreciate Barry’s true worth.

  • I can’t argue with your sentiments platypus but it seems a sorry state of affairs that O’Neill seems unable to get the best out of Barry. We’ve had similar about Elano at City. Again, almost any team would want him –based on his Brazil form. And he is a great crowd favourite. But he has been fined by Hughes for talking to the Press and is having to fight for a contract extension, whilst Hughes dithers. Even so Elano has been voted MOTM by the fans in the last two games. Surely managers are tasked to get the best out of their players? Can O’Neill really not turn things around with Barry?

  • Albarnista you really are a clown.
    Sindbad, the view of Barry is understandable if you don’t see him that often. He has alot of good attributes (good first touch etc) is a great penalty taker and has a quality left foot but he also has alot of flaws.
    1)he lacks pace – a fairly major drawback in today’s high tempo premiership.
    2) he lacks bottle – he never and I mean never goes in for a 50 /50 and normally challenges with his back to the ball. Okay in some positions but a real failing if you want to make centre midfield your home.
    3) as a captain hes’s a joke – he gets on with his own job but doesn’t rally the troops or inspire and you need more from a captain.
    4) he now believes his own press and thinks he is bigger than the club

    Barry is definately an above average premiership player and he has been a great servant to the club over the years but he is not a great player and is not even a mediocre captain.
    It is difficult to build a team around him (which arguably MON has tried to do this year) because he isn’t good enough at any one thing to be a focal point ie hes not a dynamic box to box player ala gerrard, he doesn’t score goals ala gerrard / lampard, he isn’t a ball winner and he doesn’t have the quick feet to be a creative lynch pin ala joe cole. The closest I could come would be a similar type to Hoddle but the modern game doesn’t give you the time or space in centre mid Hoddle enjoyed and I doubt Barry would be prepared to play as a sweeper.

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