Date: 27th August 2010 at 8:11am
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To start just a warning to Aston Villa, I remember reading the General saying he was disappointed with the ticket demand from the fans for the West Ham, Vienna and Everton home ties; well after listening to the Villa fans on the phone in on the way home the crowd will be much smaller than what we saw tonight with Villa fans stating they will boycott the Everton game in protest and until Randy Lerner and co sort out the manager situation with an experienced big name to suit this big club then they will not be coming back to Villa Park. Regarding tonight’s match, what a shocking performance!

The players said they ‘owed us’ a performance and that tonight we should have ‘expected a great response’ for the embarrassing 6-0 we suffered against Newcastle. Well if that was our team playing well then we are well and truly screwed for this season! We rested Warnock and Downing today when they were definitely needed! Habib Beye at left back? Tactically, yet again, Kevin McDonald got it completely wrong.

For this game the likes of Friedel, Warnock and Downing needed to start! The club is in an absolute mess, Villa can say all they like about how the club is not in a crisis but the start to this season has been absolutely woeful! Whether it is MON’s fault it doesn’t matter, he left 18 days ago. Kevin MacDonald says he will soon DECIDE whether or not he would like to APPLY for the job?

This is ridiculous!

We don’t need Kevin, we need a manager!

Someone to take charge!

Who knows how to get our team to bounce back from poor displays such as Newcastle and Vienna.

Is anyone available? If no manager is then why not do what everyone else does. Open up your wallet Randy and ring up the likes of David Moyes, Martin Jol, Frank Rijkaard, Guus Hiddink, Slaven Bilic and Mark Hughes. We need changes! A new manager, a new captain, a new era, but we need that change now! We will come out of this, we always do, keep the faith! But, decisions need to be made now because this is beyond a joke!

The only way is up, but I can say I will be one of the very very very few that attend Sunday’s game at home to Everton. I would be surprised to see a crowd of more than 25,000, but after Newcastle away and tonight I do not blame the fans who do not show on Sunday, we deserve much much better!