Date: 20th September 2018 at 12:17pm
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Last Friday was a busy day in the life of an Aston Villa fan if you pay attention to the numerous and varying club accounts on Companies House.

For the record I stopped, it was getting boring and largely I didn’t understand a word of it but eagled eyed Forum Member tmg513 spotted something that may be a significant change at B6.

Recon Group Limited had confirmation of a purchase of own shares, resolutions dealing with share rights/name, authority to purchase shares, a buyback agreement and an alteration of Articles of Association.

The main point is we had 49,133,436 shares cancelled, leaving 54,545,454 as our Statement of Capital.

Now maybe I’m being simple (I’m often accused of it) but is that not the removal of a number of shares you call ‘minority’ when compared to the remaining figure as Capital.

Earlier this week we had the following from our minority shareholder, Dr Tony Xia.

Maybe I’m overthinking things, and reading too much into stuff – but I’m not alone in putting the two together and wondering – of course, others think it’s purely paperwork and more tidying up and I must say Xia is still listed as ‘active’ today for balance.

Clearly, work continues on a number of levels behind the scenes given the announcement members of our technical staff seeing their time with us come to an end this week as well.

But if there isn’t more to this (and that may well be the case) that is actually pretty amazing timing and from checking the other ‘companies’ we have briefly, this is a Recon side only development and that just naturally implies a possible full sale to me, where Recon as Xia’s vehicle would now merge with the NSWE vehicle minus Xia.

With delays on Companies House being natural as paperwork and announcements are dealt with and confirmed, we will soon have clarity on this one way or another.

For those who deal in this side of life and have a far greater understanding than me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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