Date: 29th August 2012 at 11:10am
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Well, got to say, I`m worried and slightly uninspired by this transfer window.

I thought with a new manager and the fact we`ve flirted with relegation for two seasons in a row, that we`d have £20m or more to spend.

I think Paul Lambert was the right, sensible choice as manager, but the guy isn`t a miracle worker.

Have Villa really forgotten, or do they not realise, that we need some experience in the team?

GREAT that we are going for youth, building for the future and trying to show more sense than what happened during the free spending (and free wasting) Martin O`Neill era, but what about the here and now?

Humiliated on the pitch by Everton and beaten by a team who look certain to go straight back down to the Championship (Hammers) and all because we don`t have any leaders or top experience on the pitch.

The youth need experience to guide them through and push results.

We also need a vocal leader, you watch Villa at the moment, there are very few if any willing to shout instructions to try to gee up team mates.

Gulp. Shows how much we miss the experience of the Stiliyan Petrov ilk doesn`t it?

Can you really pick a leader out at the moment? Who would you have as Captain? Villa used to be full of captains on the pitch, we`d argue for ages over who should be the leader, now? Not so much.

Fingers crossed this works, but I think they are missing a vital ingredient and it could prove very costly. Transfer window not closed yet, lets hope we get what we need. A 21-year-old from Genk and a 22-year-old from Boro isn`t what I`d be sourcing right now and with attendances still not dazzling (early days I know) a few bums on seats players to supplement the youth who are progressing would not go amiss.

I`d agree with a friends text to me following Everton (and no, he isn`t a fickle fan, he`s been going home and away for 30 or more years) saying there are about 7 in our current squad who aren`t good enough.

Interesting times. I know, due to the turnover of managers, that the Club is desperate for a bit of stability now and that we are again in transition, that happens every time any team get a new manager, and that Lambert now has Martin O`Neill and McLeish players he doesn`t want (he`s got rid of the Gerrard Houllier one in loaning Makoun to Rennes) but he needs more than a few freebies and low fee lower division players if we truly want to dent the league.

The sad thing is, this season, 10th would be a great achievement.

TENTH? For Aston Villa? One of the most famous and historic clubs in the world? Ouch, that hurts.

And as ever, I hope the squad we have – if it remains like this – can ram these words back down the doubters throats.