Date: 27th April 2012 at 10:32am
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PaulMcgrathsGoneAWOL asks ‘Have we all got it wrong about McLeish?’

There seems to be a big divide about this man, not from the fans, as finally we all agree that he is the footballing equivalent of asking Edward John Smith to captain your boat to New York. It seems though, no matter how loudly we shout we cannot be heard, or at least the press will hear what they want to hear.

Alex Ferguson obviously thinks he is a capable manager, although why anybody would ask a rival manager for an opinion is a conflict of interest at best, utter lunacy at worst. It’d be like asking Steve Jobs who the best man to run Android is.

This week Stan Collymore spoke about our plight, he said that because of where McLeish came from even if he wins ten games on the trot, Villa fans will be saying yes but where’s the eleventh. He also failed to blame McLeish for anything, claiming that whoever had taken charge we would still be in this position.

Today I read that even the perennial sacker ‘Deadly’ Doug Ellis, thinks that McLeish is doing a fine job , ‘It would be foolish for McLeish to go,’ he said. ‘Despite the fact that most of them [the fans] are upset that he came from Birmingham City, McLeish is a good manager. Is he Doug? Is he really?

So there seems to be a love in when it comes to McLeish, from everybody except the fans of Aston Villa Football Club.

The question is then, have we got it wrong with McLeish? I remember as a child seeing a sign hanging in my favourite sweet shop, it said ‘The customer is always right’.

As a business owner now, it is a principle I have always tried to apply as strictly as possible. The reason is, if you have happy customers, you have a good business. Sometimes you have to back down and admit mistakes, if you can do that, most people are happy to keep on giving you their money even in hard times.

You also need a good product.

Clearly as fans we have been ignored for too long. We might have it wrong about McLeish, he may turn out to be the next Clough, Mourinho or Ferguson, he might take Burnley to back to back Champions league finals in his next job, if he does, we will all admit our error and eat our AVFC emblazoned beanie’s, but as it stands we are not happy paying our money for the product we are receiving.

We have every right to this opinion too, just the same as we can decide on what colour we paint our house or which car we choose to drive, our club should be run in a way that we approve of. Sacking McLeish now, wouldn’t guarantee survival, on the other hand not sacking him now will not mean certain relegation.

What getting rid of him would do, is return the fans to the stadium, return the belief from the Holte, which in turn will effect the players and return the belief to them. If football is a business, then this business needs to take action now, even if it just to keep the customers happy.


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